Monday, June 20, 2011

Family Planner Folder Challenge # 3 {Decorate!}

So our first challenge with our Family Planner (or recipe planner or whatever-tickles-your-fancy-kind-planner) was to PRIORITISE. Next up came the challenge to ORGANISE what you had going into your folders. I popped up the EMERGENCY CONTACT SHEETS for people to download and print off into their folders if they wanted to. The last little post I did on this was just an aside on PASSING ON THE LEGACY of planning which may help our little ones when they grow up and have a home of their own.
This brings us to the third challenge...DECORATE!

Now please feel free if you are not this way inclined at all, but if you are, now's the time to go ahead and decorate your folder!
Here's how mine is looking...

I made up some party bunting (out of scrapbooking papers of course!) which actually matches the birthing banner I made recently. I really like these colours and patterns so that's what I did! It matches some of the decor in our backroom where this folder lives. Hmmmm slightly embarrased to admit that but anyhoo, I obviously like these kinds of colours and patterns right now.
Apart from decorating your front cover, if you have tabs that you are doing you, you could add some stickers or ribbons or whatever you like to separate out your sections. My tags are handmade red and cream card with little lettering stickers on them.
Are you keen to join in?
Just share what you are working on to decorate your folder and fill in the linky box below with your blog post deets. Would totally love to see what you are working on!
More another time,
Happy decorating!


Al Hannah said...

Lusi, I absolutely love your cover. It's beautiful! The music paper in the background looks great! You still have it Lus :) xo

lusi said...

lol thanks Al! I still enjoy using my scrapbooking supplies for things like this. How are you going? Hope all is well your way mate :)
Love Lus x


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