Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Family Planner Folder Challenge # 1

Ok, so here we go with the Family Planner Folder Challenge!

This first challenge for us is to PRIORITISE.

1. Work out how many folders you will need.
As I said in the LAST POST, I am having 3 folders; one as our regular family planner, one for our recipes and the other as our contact address book.

2. Work out (if you have more than one folder) which one needs to be updated first.
The one that I need to update and have organised at the most urgently at the moment is my Recipe Planner. As this pregnancy progresses in particular I really need to have it all in order. I'm finding that weekly menu planning is taking longer than it should just simply because the recipes are all out of whack.

Are you doing a Recipe Planner too or are you starting out on your Family Planner?

3. Make a list of some sections for your folder. 
Once you've chosen what you are going to work on, you'll need to divide it up into sections that will work for you best.

For my Recipe Planner, I'm going to divide it into the following sections:

Easy Shabbat (sabbath) Meals
Slow cooker
Weekly Meal Planner

If some of the recipes happen to overlap (for instance, we use quite a few slow cooker recipes for our easy shabbat meals) then I'll have a reference page in there. So under 'Easy Shabbat Meals', I'll have the name of the recipe such as 'slow cooker oriental chicken' and then I'll simply have 'see slow cooker section'.

4. Make or buy some dividers.

This is important to do straight up so that you can move things into sections as you go. There's nothing worse than sorting out papers, sorting sections out, then having to go to bed or getting distracted and then messing up your piles! Very frustrating!!! The dividers can be as crafty or as simple as you like. Here are what mine look like...

I've been working on my tabs for the past couple of weeks (while the kids are golf clinic) so it might take you one or two or several weeks to make or source your tabs. Stationers also sell dividers quite cheaply so you could buy some instead of making them. They don't have to be flash - just something that quickly and clearly helps you to find what you are looking for; that is the goal of this after all!

Ok, so say you are not doing a Recipe Planner at this stage and are wanting to kick things off with your Family Planner instead. You will still do the same steps as listed above, except obviously your sections will be different! Again, do what works for you but here are some things you might like to include depending on your family's needs....

Emergency Contact List
(this has important mobile phone numbers, nearest cross street, posions info line, anything that you or your loved ones might need to know in an emergency - including an evacuation plan and meeting place on your property in case of a fire)

Babysitting Instructions
(Any special instructions that a grandparent or other person may need to know if they are watching your child/children)

Weekly Schedule
(If you are in a busy family season, then you might need one of these! We don't use it at present because the only thing we have on is the golf clinic really and we all know the day and time that we need to be there for that. However, in other seasons of our life, I have used a weekly schedule to help me know where each person needs to be at which time etc).

Cleaning Schedule
(a list of areas to reularly clean in your home, chores for your children if you need reminding (lol!), a list of spring cleaning chores that only get done every so often - just so you don't forget those random jobs!)

Basic Menu Ideas
(especially handy if you are not having a separate Recipe Planner)

Your Shopping List
(I would HIGHLY recommend taking the time to type out a grocery list which goes aisle by aisle. This saves so much time and hassle running back and forth forgetting what you need to get from which place! More on this another time. I recently updated ours and here's what it currently looks like - CLICK HERE FOR THE LINK. I just write any extras that I might need that week in the margin).

Library Book Returns
(a special place to keep library book receipts so you know which books have been borrowed and when they are to be returned)

Supplies List
(where emergency supplies are kept and what to grab in case of a fire/evacuation/other natural disaster)

Current Important Forms
(they may be to sign or mail off but either way, most of us have forms that we get in the mail that need to be filled out and kept until we file them or fill them out! Having a place for them means you know where to look immediately for them instead of the paper moster eating them up!)

(Take out menus all kept in one place)

(A place to store vouchers/coupons/discounts,etc)

Reward Charts and Coupons
(We used to keep ours in the Family Planner but no longer do. It has a new home where I can access it more easily - however we did have it in here for a time and it seemed to work well).

There are probably alot of basic things that I am leaving off right now but that's all I can think of!
Remember, it has to suit YOUR family so just start with something basic that you can add to as your family grows.

I've started with my Recipe Planner tonight and honestly, even after just taping the dividers in, sorting some recipes into groups and then putting them in plastic sleeves...I feel more organised! It's just a start though - I have lots of recipes to still sort through, cull and photocopy so they are all in one central place - my Recipe Planner!

So, how are you feeling about it? Are you up for the challenge?
Remember you don't need to rush anything! This might take you one night to knock over or 3 months and that's totally fine! The whole idea is just to have a folder that is well organised so that when you need something, you can locate it quickly and efficiently!

If you are up for it, jus make up your own post describing how you are going to PRIORITISE your folder and then link back to this post. Once you've done that, please fill in the little Linky box below so others can be inspired by what you are sharing too!

Happy prioritising!


Traci said...

Lookin' good Lusi, your notebooks will be very stylish! I just hope I can make mine organized (haha!) I'm just in the process of organizing the ones I have and adding info. I need. I like to keep them separate just to keep them light weight and accessible to subject...
I hope to hop in if I can get them done...seems like an impossible task...maybe after Passover?
Have fun!!

Blessings, Traci:)

Tara said...

I'll see if I can get myself together to show some of my planning...

... an idea on the recipes - I have a list in my menu planner of all the meals I can prepare without an acutal recipe - when I'm planning I browse through the list first before choosing anything I need a recipe for.

faelih said...

These are adorable, Lusi! Question: How do you stick them into the folder? Do they stick out, are attached to the rings, what? Curious as I have clear divider tabs that insert into the rings. :).

lusi said...

Hi Phyllis :)
So mine are just stuck onto the plastic sleeve with double sided tape. They do stick out a little but I just made sure it would still fit into the cupboard it belongs in and it does. Would love to see the ones you described!
Blessings in Yah,
Love Lus x


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