Saturday, May 7, 2011

But...Isn't the Sabbath a 'burden'?

"But...Isn't the Sabbath a 'burden'?"
"If I did sabbath, I wouldn't know what to do or not do!"
"What would you actually DO on a Sabbath anyway? I don't see the point"

These are all comments we've heard regarding the set-apart day that Yah gave as a gift to His people.

I once read a great analogy about the Shabbat (7th day sabbath) that stuck with me.
Imagine you go to work for your boss 7 days a week. Then your boss says, "You know what? You work so hard. I want you to take the 7th day off as a day of rest. Don't come into work that day and don't even think about it! Just rest." Would you argue and say, "No way! That would be a burden!" or would you accept the instruction given by your boss and enjoy your day off?

The Bible has much to say (both 'old' and 'new' testaments) about the Sabbath and I would encourage you to do a study for yourself on it. Here are the main things we've learnt from our reading of the Scriptures about this holy day, the 7th day Shabbat (rest)...

It's  a day:

To Do no work (Exodus 20:10)
To Rest and be refreshed (Exodus 23:12)
To Remember our Creator (Exodus 20:8-11)
To Rejoice (Isaiah 58:13-14)
That is given by Yah Himself (Exodus 12:29)
Of Sacred Assembly (Leviticus 23:3)
That is a SIGN between God and His People (Ezekiel 20:12 + Exodus 31:13)
That Yeshua (Jesus) and Paul kept holy (Luke 4:16 & Acts 17:2)
That the New Testament' says is 'Remains for God's people' (Hebrews 4:9)
To be celebrated for the generations to come forever (Exodus 31:16)
nb: for more on 'who Israel is' please see HERE. 

So with that in  mind let's revisit the original questions...
"But...Isn't the Sabbath a 'burden'?"
Does the above list seem like a burden to you? A day off of work to rest, rejoice, remember...nope it's not a burden to me!

"If I did sabbath, I wouldn't know what to do or not do!"
Well just like with every other area of our life, we are on a journey. We seek to be led by the Spirit of God Most High. We first look at what the Word instructs us to do on Shabbat and things that don't contradict those instructions are fine! If we are doing something that is not pleasing to Yah, our Maker, we know He will reveal it to us and show us how to change our ways.

"What would you actually DO on a Sabbath anyway? I don't see the point"
The point is that the Creator of the Universe set out a specific day to worship him. He set aside a particular day (the 7th in the week) and made it holy. The point is that He asked us to remember that and honour Him by resting on that day.

As for what to 'do' on the are some of the things we enjoy!

* Sleeping in!
* The kids love eating a particular breakfast cereal that they ONLY eat on Shabbat mornings!
* They love wishing each other and us a peaceful shabbat first thing by climbing onto our bed and saying, "Shabbat Shalom Mum!"
* We love enjoying a lovely meal outside together in the morning sun!

* We enjoy simple-easy to prepare- meals like this slow cooked herb + barley risotto...

* We might enjoy a family game of baseball together laughing and enjoying relating to one another!

* We enjoy sharing our hearts and faith walks with others...

* We love studying and reading in the Word of God!

* We enjoy friendships...

* and sometimes get to hang out with like-minded friends which is a HUGE blessing and encouragement to us all...

* The kiddos might come in from playing and do some colouring in sheets around some scripture passages we've been reading...

* and we might celebrate and sing songs of Praise and Worship to our Awesome Yehovah!

Each week is different.
Sometimes it's just our family.
Sometimes we have people here.
Either way, it has been an INCREDIBLE blessing to our lives as individuals, as a family and a community!
It is NOT a burden or something I fact our whole family anticipates the arrival of the next weekly Shabbat with a great sense of joy!

If you are interested in seeing what God through his Word says about Shabbat, you might want to have a read of the Scriptures above and pray and ask God to lead you in this. He will! And you will not be sorry!

More soon.
With love,


Heidi said...

I love it, Lusi! My children are constantly asking how many days until Shabbat. What a blessed day!

lusi said...

Amen Heidi! Love that- our children do the same! Love to you!!!
Lus x

Enid said...

I agree is a total life changing isn't? I just love to get ready for it! and then do all the things like in your blog, sometimes out of town in a different setting and enjoying nature ...!
Shabbat Shalom Lusi

Moira said...

Love the photo's, Thanks for sharing them!!
Shabbat Shalom,

Yuri Richardson said...

Shabbat Shalom. I enjoyed this post. I like the way that the Scripture verses pointed out the liberty we have in Yahshua in His set apart day to do His will as shown in Isa.58:13,14.

Shabbat Shalom In Yahshua.

Andi said...

I love the photos and the post! OH Sabbath goes by so fast, and I look forward to each one! Many Blessings!

Anonymous said...

Lusi, is it ok if I sahre your scriptures regarding Sabbath with a Christian based facebook group? I'd like to encourage others to consider this information. Cheers GG

lusi said...

Hi G that's fine mate!
:-) may His words and Truth be a blessing to many :-)
Love lus x

Peterson Party said...

Love it! Arin never refers to the seventh day as Saturday, only as the Sabbath, which I find so sweet coming from my four year old :)

On a side note, so glad you are back! Been missing your updates, but I know how nice a blog break can be!


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