Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's a...


We had our 18-22 week ultrasound and we found out this afternoon Monday (3 days ago by the time I actually got to hit publish here!) that bubba number 5 is a boy! (Well 99.9% sure the sonographer said!) He jokingly said he was so sure he'd put his pay check on it - that's pretty confident we reckon!

We are praising Yah - of course no matter the gender of any of our children, we would have been happy!

We all went up together to the ultrasound - Brett did brilliantly with the kids while we were all squished into the little room. The sonographer said, "So you brought the whole clan along!"

Everything looks good with bubby thus far and that's always really positive, reassuring news.

I asked the sonographer to tell us the gender if he could see clearly and he said, "sure!" He asked what the kids thought it was. Both boys said with one resounding voice, " a boy!" and Stass and I both said we thought it was a girl. The sonographer said, "Well, you boys are right - it IS a boy!" To which there was lots of loud whooping and woooohooooing from our little men! So sweet! They were especially chuffed.

Stass is pretty excited too. She really had wanted another sister but is still happy of course. We went for a milkshake and some cake this arvo and had a little chat. That was special - she had a chance to share her feelings about it all.

(My only regret about the ultrasound is that I forgot to ask for a print out picture! Anyway, I took this one from the actual scan and I just love seeing him sitting all comfy in there with his little foot up. So sweet!) 
So, another little man to love and cherish.
Praise Yah - He is so wonderful!
And we feel very excited and very thankful.

More soon,


Leanne said...

Aaawwww! Congratulations!

singing mama said...

Yay yay Lusi :) I have been stalking your blog waiting for this post cause its all so exciting!! I too thought you were having a little girl (until you called ), so I am surprised, but as soon as you know what gender they are, it is so who they are and you cant imagine them any other way! Im glad you were able to have that special time with Stassi. Congrats on another little man for your team Austin :)
Luv Donna

Leah-in-the-Kia said...

how sweet lusi! congrats.......are you going with an "E" name to go with your other little men????? LOL

Karen L said...

Exciting news Lusi, I must admit I was thinking it might be another girl too. But boys are such a blessing to their mummas and I am truely excited for you guys.

Sarah said...

SO amazing...Praise God! xxx

Sigalit Chana said...

Sweet blessings to you. Halallu Yah!

Peterson Party said...

Yay! Congratulations! Do you have a name picked out for the little man?

Enid said...

boys ..yes boys!!So happy for you!

kathy said...

Congratulations! Such wonderful and exciting news :)


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