Our Journey with Foods

I'm editing this page to divide it into two big things that affect our family's eating habits; one is by talking about the diets we've following for the past couple of years which are primarily a low-moderate salicylate diet and an almost nasty-additive-free diet. The second thing that affects how we eat, is the Bible. We believe that YHVH's (God) Word is true and eternal. Since the Bible is our guidebook to life, we would expect to find inside these pages what is deemed 'food' for us to eat and what is not. After all, the God who made our stomachs made these animals and it makes perfect sense to us that He knows what is good for us and what is not. So we look into the Word to show us what kinds of animals are considered 'foods' and which animals are just that - animals but not food for us to eat.


So for the past 3 years, our children have been off almost all of what are considered the 'nasty' additives.

(from http://www.fedup.com.au/)

102,104,110,122,123,124,127,129,132,133,142,143, 151,155
natural colour 160b (annatto)

Sorbates 200-203
Benzoates 210-213
Sulphites 220-228
Nitrates, nitrites 249-252
Propionates 280-283

Gallates 310-312
TBHQ, BHA, BHT 319-321

Glutamates incl MSG 620-625
Ribonucleotides 627, 631, 635

Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein (HVP)

No numbers since they are trade secrets

After the first year of being off these we still saw very little change in the physical difficulties our son was experiencing on a daily basis. Sometimes he would wake up first thing of a morning screaming and holding his head. Massive stomach migranes (as they were to be later diagnosed). Loose bowel movements sometimes 4 times a day. Irritability. Aggression. The list felt like it was endless. At the same time, we were fully aware that something else was happening (brain functioning wise) for our precious man and we decided to have it checked into further.

After seeing a paed, we felt to take him off lactose altogether and it seemed to do the trick with some of the symptoms (migranes, runny tummy) but other things like extreme energy levels, were unchanged.

Here are most of the 'lactose' associated products we stopped eating...

artificial butter flavour
butter solids/fat
calcium caseinate
delactosed whey
demineralized whey
dried milk
dry milk solids
hydrolysed casein
hydrolysed milk protein
lactalbumin phosphate
magnesium caseinate
milk derivative
milk fat
milk protein
milk solids
potassium caseinate
rennet casein
sodium caseinate
sour cream solids
sour milk solids
whey protein concentrate
most baked goods*, (cake, bread, cookies, crackers, donuts, waffles, pancakes...)
ice cream
sour cream

So on top of the lactose free diet + being 'asty' additive free, we were shown a great book by a friend of ours Donna W (and also my friend Lu had mentioned it a few years earlier) which was the RPA Hospital's Low Salicylate Diet. When we first read about it, we just couldn't do it. But when you are at breaking point (which we were!) we felt we ought to give it a try, especially since God has so lovingly put it into our hands.

So we tried it.

Within 48 hours we saw results. It was incredible. It was like parts of his brain (especially the creative parts) were unlocked for the first time. He had really only drawn faces over and over again leading up to the diet. But all of a sudden, he was drawing a strawberry, a rainbow and a couple of other things + he was excited about it!

You can read up about salicylates HERE. All I will say is that God got us through this time. It was really difficult.

SO where are we now with it all?
Well, I am still convinced that alot of issues in this world today are thanks to the kinds of 'diets' we have. I feel extremely thankful that God lead us to these and they have helped so much.

HOWEVER, I have found them VERY restrictive. They also offend my natural sense to want to give my children all kinds of fruits and vegies (which they can't have on a low salicylate diet).

So, we have been trying to wean back onto a more high salicylate (but still additive free) diet. We have been eating a bit more organically, a bit more lactose (he still has lactose free milk daily) and back onto yummy high salicylate + ammine foods. And so far, so good! We have had very few throw backs to old ways when we have had higher salicylate foods. We are hopeful that this might continue.

If it doesn't and we need to be on the diets to maintain the kind of relationships we all enjoy together, then we will. We know we live in an imperfect world + truly look forward to a day when none of this will be necessary. In the meantime, we are thankful for these tools which help our children and our family!


Leviticus 11 outlines which animals Yehovah (God) considers food and which He does not. We believe He is soverign and that He knows best!

He goes into a lot of detail so we know exactly what to call food and what not to. It's a great passage to read.

Some other things worthy of consideration are:

* Peter (in Acts 10) gives the meaning of the vision very clearly several times; 'Then Peter began to speak, "I now realise how true it is that God does not show favouritism but accepts men from every nation who fear him and do what is right" (Acts 10:34-35). When Peter visits the council in Jerusalem to explain his actions (the next chapter) they understand the vision and proclaim, "So then, God has granted even the gentiles repentance unto life". (Acts 11:18). And as a last proof from Peter's mouth, this is what he says directly after the vision, "You are well aware that is is against 'our' law (MAN's oral law NOT God's WRITTEN TORAH INSTRUCTIONS!) for a Jew to associate with a Gentile or visit him (again, God never ever said this but this was the teaching of oral torah). BUT GOD HAS SHOWN ME THAT I SHOULD NOT CALL ANY MAN IMPURE OR UNCLEAN" (Acts 10:28-29). Notice that the big revelation of the vision was not 'God has shown me I can now eat a bacon and egg roll!' I know that sounds a bit silly, but it is true. This is often the proof text for people saying that since this vision, we can now eat whatever we like. This is NOT what God showed Peter according to Peter himself!

* Isaiah 65:4 
* Leviticus 10:10
* Ezekiel 44:23
* Genesis 7:1-5     Noah was asked to take 'clean' and 'unclean' animals into the ark. How did he know which were which since the law (torah) at Mt Sinai had not yet been given? We think it is very logical that God had already told him what He considered clean and unclean before the flood.

* When Jesus delcared all 'foods' clean in Mark 7, He did just that! He reassured us that all FOODS are clean. The only thing we have to be sure of is that they were called FOOD by God in the first place, not just animals. Animals have a place in the animal kingdom but God may not have deemed them food for us humans to eat.

Well, I hope you search out the scriptures and see what God considers food. He cares about all the things we do (including what we eat for our health's sake!) and so let's hear from Him about what is good for us to eat.

Love Lusi x


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