Monday, May 30, 2011

Family Planner Folder Challenge # 2

Hi everyone :)

I haven't forgotten about our family planner challenge - in fact, I'm beginning work slowly on my second folder at the moment.
My first folder is purely my Recipe Planner.

It went from looking like this - a folder with a stackload of recipes in and out of plastic sleeves with no order whatsoever........... to...

this - a culled down version of recipes that we trust and love with easy to find sections and some colourful tabs...

the quality of these snaps are pretty ordinary but you get the idea ;)

Each tabs is simply attached with double sided tape onto the plastic sleeve...

You can check out other photos and a post about it HERE.

The first challenge was to PRIORITISE.
For me, that meant VERY QUICKLY getting my recipes under control again for the remainder of this, our 5th prgnancy. I needed to be more organised with it and I tell you, just doing the little that I did has made the world of difference; especially with my back being as bad as it has been for as long as this! Thank you to those who posted in the link up; it's great to see how everyone works around a similar challenge in different ways! I hope you'll join in for Challenge 2 as well :) It's not too late to join in either; just pick up at any point and play along if you get a spare minute ;)

Ok, so challenge number two is: ORGANISE. Once you know what you want need to do first, it's time to get organised! For my recipe planner, this has meant organising sections, organising recipes by type and organising the tabs.

For my second planner which is my Family Planner (with all our in-case-of-an-emergency-info, a place for our library book slips, a place for take-out menus, our son's asthma plan, a place to store the weekly Torah portion reading sheet, a place to house current invitations, cleaning schedules, etc).
 You can read ALONG HERE about other sections I suggest might be useful in a family planner.

Oh and just a side note here...
When my family planner WAS up to date and I was actually USING it, we never had library overdue notices. I do normally write the date on the calendar but that's because I can locate the date easily on the slip which I know I can find in the folder. Well, let's just say yesterday I got library over-due notices just because I couldn't locate the slip and therefore had no idea of the date they were due back. NOT GOOD! 20 children's books all overdue by a week or so. Hmmmm. See, just a little example of how if I HAD been orgnaised and actually USED my Family Planner, that wouldn't have happened!
I really need to get this folder to date and back in working order once again !!!!!!!!!!! 

Ok, so back to Organising the Planner.

1. Gather + Jot 
Once you have gathered your essential supplies (folder, plastic sleeves, labels of some kind; either homemade or store bought sticker ones, a good marker) it is time to jot down  the sections YOU need to have that will best help YOUR family stay on top of things!

2. Spread Out!
Make some room on the floor or a table and make some visible sections from your plastic sleeves. Perhaps you are like me and are giving your folder a makeover. Section out what has worked and put those sections into piles.

3. Order
How are you going to know where to find which section? You could either go alphabetically or you could order things in order of importance.
For instance, in our planner (when I actually used it and wasn't lazy at maintaining it!!!) I used to have things listed in order of importance; emergency contacts right at the front then Liji's asthma plan and dietary needs for the kids so that no one had to flick very far before coming to that info in case of needing to urgently locate it. This time round, I'm thinking of taping the emergency contact list on the inside of the cover and then organising things alphabetically so I can find things a bit quicker.

I'm really excited about being able to have our planner up and running again.
I used to have it out on the bench on a recipe stand but found it was getting in the way. So it now lives in a cupboard next to my other two folders; the recipe planner and the contacts folder.
Hmmmm I wonder if I've let if go a bit because of it being kind of out-of-sight...will be thinking about this more too as I go along this week.

So the challenge is to really get in there, roll your sleeves up and begin organising your sections and ordering them. Have you done that already? Maybe you could spare a sec to take some snaps to share with us and inspire everyone else! Would love to see what you are working on or what you have completed!

If you are keen to play along, just post about this in your blog, link back to here and then fill in your details below in the Linky box :)

Happy Organising and Folder Planning!

Hmmmm....having a little trouble with my Linky Tool so check back in later to sign up :)

More to come


Enid said...

Hi Lusi...

I think Ill play...let you know about the link later!


Sarndra said...

Wow Lusi this is fantastic!! well done!!! I'm going to pay close attention to this system for when we have a big family like yours one day:-)

Anonymous said...

Hello beautiful Lusi!!!

Just updating you that our newest daughter, Indiana Ayla Benson, was born on Thurs, 26 May, 8lb on the dot and very healthy. We're all very excited, Caeligh the most as you can imagine! I didn't see your news until now - welcome to the five bub club lol I hope you're enjoying the pregnancy. I had a lot of problems with SPD too this time and the back belt helped, also sitting with a rolled up towel under your butt seems to take some of the pressure off the joints too and worked well for me after I got too big in front for the belt. If you want my bigger size belt for as you get larger, let me know and I'll post it down to you. Give my best to Brett and the kids and also a big congrats from all of us to all of you!

Cheers, Lu, Doug and fam xx

Sarndra said...

Hi Lusi Im trying to reply to your lovely email but for some reason it comes back to me (even tho i just clicked Reply) has your email add changed recently or im doing something wrong? it might just be Yahoo having problems, i'll keep trying (sorry if u get the same email a few times) xoxx

lusi said...

Hi Enid :-) hope you can join in that's great!

Hi Sarndra! Hope the challenge is inspiring in some way for you even if it's just for future reference ;-)

And LU!!! CONGRATS to you and Doug!!! And welcome to little Indiana!!! Hope you are doing well mate :-) love to hear her birth story if you ever get a second. Thanks for the offer of the belt I'll let you know how we go but at this stage I think it should be ok. But you are SOOO sweet to offer:-) loads and loads of love to you all!

Lus x

Sarndra said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sarndra said...

Sorry Lus- didnt mean for that last one to publish- i had written your email add in it! just trying to get my email to u xx can u email me again when u have time (no hurry) and i'll try send it again Xoxoxo

lusi said...

Hi Sarndra! No probs at all - arrrrgh! I've been on the phone with our service provider and I think it's all been fixed now! Sorry for all that!!!
I'm wondering how many emails didn't come through today. Oh well!
Thanks so much for letting me know though that something wasn't right :)
Looking forward to reading your email!
Love Lus x

Al Hannah said...

Hi Lusi,
I still visit your blog and read through it. What a wonderful, full life you have :) It's truly beautiful x
I wanted to say thank you for the Emergency Contact Details - I have printed it out, and I am going to fill it in, and put it in a safe spot for my boys to be able to find if they ever did need.
Congratulations on your impending pregnancy and newborn - lovely news.
Take good care of yourselves ... Al x

lusi said...

Hi Al!
So glad to *see* you mate :)
Am SO pleased you are able to use the emergency contact details sheet. How are those beautiful kiddos of yours? Hope life is going well mate.
Thanks for your best wishes for the pregnancy.
Love to you Al!
Lus x

nettypike said...

This is a great idea and I think I will implement it for myself. Might even encourage my grown up girls to look at that idea too. Life gets crazy busy and then things get pear shaped very quickly don't they! You inspire me with your orderliness :)

lusi said...

Thanks Annette,
That's very encouraging! I hope it goes well for you..let me know!
Many blessings and hope you are well :)
Love Lus x


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