Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Family Planner Folder Challenge #2 Passing on the Legacy

I'm ashamed to say that as a little girl, my lovely mum would try to get me in the kitchen to teach me to cook, or show me how to clean things and make things but I always made up an excuse...I was too tired, or too busy studying, or playing...

Little did I know that I was going to be a young bride (at 21) and would need to learn these skills to be able to run a little household of my own. I also didn't know that within 6 months of us being married I would fall pregnant and need to look after a little one as well! There was no time really to learn the skills that I needed - I should have learnt them already!

However, I am a firm believer that it's never too late to learn!

Over the last 10 + years of our marriage, I've been trying to refine my skills as a wife and mother. I've learnt how Brett likes things done and have had many teachers along the way - my mother, my husband!, the internet, many friends and others too. I'm learning how to keep our little castle running as efficiently as possible so that I have more time to spend with my treasures inside my castle (my fam!)

As I learn, I also try to pass these tools onto my little charges.

We spend time each day doing chores and they are all able to (except our 2 year old who can do some of these things but not all yet)
put on a load of washing,
 sweep the floors,
to do all the dinner table chores
(laying out placemats,
setting the table,
getting drinks for others,
clearing and rinsing their plates
 along with stacking and
unloading the dishwasher),
they know how to bake basic things (under supervision),
they know how to tend to our chooks,
how to look after our compost,
how to make their beds,
tidy their rooms (sometimes still with help)
how to empty the bins regularly and
how to clean the bathroom.

These are all jobs that I've helped them learn over the years BUT they are jobs I had to learn first myself!

I love seeing them grow in these things because I know that when they are older they will be able to care for themselves if I am no longer around and also that our sons will be able to be a blessing to their wives and our daughters will be wives with skills to bless their entire family!

Perhaps I'm digressing....what's new hey lol!...
But the point is that one of the skills I had to learn was about how to stay on top of the paper monster that threatened to eat up my whole house at the beginning of my marriage! One of the ways I've managed that beast is through the use of the Family Planner.
And so I felt it was time to pass on the baton to my eldest daughter and to get her involved in sprucing it up!
We sat togther early one morning while some of the house was still slowing waking and we made tags for the folder.
While we were doing that I was just talking and passing on to her some of the reasons why I've found the Family Planner helpful. I didn't tell her she should have one when she grows up or anything like that! I just showed her what was in it and why it is a helpful aid to me.
She really enjoyed being apart of it and said later on to me that she would 'have something like that' when she has her own house to run.
Here are some snaps of her getting into it...
(The tags on the right were the old ones that needed replacing).

Anyway, I know it's not like an essential life-skill or anything, but it was still a precious opportunity to pass on some of my life's legacy to her.
Hopefully someday these small lessons will have real-life meaning in her home.

More another time.
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kathy said...

Thats such a good idea! And so lovely to share with your daughter. I really need my kids to do more. Im so slack at making them do it :( its often such a battle i end up doing it myself! You've inspired me to get them helping!

lusi said...

HI Kathy :-) I totally know what you mean about it being easier to do the job ourselves! I have too! But taking more time in the short term to reap the results in the long term I think is definitely worth it. Glad the post was encouraging.
Much love to you,
Lus x

Sarah Slaven said...

Ha I beat you, bride at 21 pregnant within 2 months :-)
I'm falling into the same trap as Kathy soooo much easier to just do it myself. I'm taking up the challenge though we'll see how helpful these kids can become.

Moira said...

This is such a great idea, great summer project! Thanks for sharing.

Leah-in-the-Kia said...

blogger keepseating my comments! anyway what a great idea!


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