Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wall Decal (Stickers) Giveaway!

If you have been to my house or read my blog before, you may have noticed that I really like removeable wall decals (stickers)!

Some are better in quality than others and we have learnt this the hard way!

Well, the latest one I've added is this cute little tea pot and cup + saucer silhouette.
I think they are a bit cute and had the place above our tea, coffee + sugar cannisters as the perfect spot picked out for them.

From another angle:

The same manufacturer made these ones in my kitchen...

In this set of Removeable Wall Stickers + Blackboards stickers you get:

Blackboard stickers (that you can actually write on like a blackboard!):
1 tea pot
2 cups
2 saucers
drops of water
2 pieces of white chalk

Wall Stickers:
Cake stand
3 cupcakes
stack of 3 cups
1 saucer
9 flowers
the word 'kitchen' in blue and white polka dots

As you can see (in the first snap), so far I've only used the tea pot, cup + saucer just because they are the ones that fit in that spot so far (well to my liking anyway!) but you might use all of the stickers from your pack!

So if you would like to win a pack for yourself, simply tell me in the comments why your kitchen would like these slapped on its walls (or tiles)!

Disclaimer: I take no responsibility as to how these fare on your walls. Mine (in the second photo above) have been on my walls for over a year and are still easily repositionable however I can not vouch for how they would go at your place! If you are willing to follow the manufacturer's instructions and try them out, then please enter yourself in the draw!
More to come,


Dannii said...

That teapot decal is very cute! My friend has it too and she writes "What's for tea?" on it so the kids know what to expect each night for their dinner.

I would love to win this pack so I can do the same thing.

Leah-in-the-Kia said...

what a great idea! That would save me repeating my self 5 times ( 4 kids and hubby)! LOL

Mumma's Mini Mes - Kym said...

The second pack sound fantastic! I would love to put them in my kitchen as well as my daughters kitchen, the cupcake and the cake stand would be such fun! I am your newest follower :)

jess said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy Lusi!! So exciting!! Your kitchen looks great with the decals! Such a great idea especially if your renting (as I am) and get sick of seeing white walls. All the best! Xx Jess

Moira said...

I am so glad I didn't miss the chance to enter to win these adorable wall stickers, better late than never I always say!
I currently do not have any decor in any part of my house. We sold everything when moving from Oregon to Texas and have now been in Texas three years with nothing on the walls. I think that seeing these on my bare walls would make me smile, and make our house, look more like a home.


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