Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Family Planner Folder Challenge #2 Emergency Contact List

Edited to add:
The linky box has now been added!

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So I am in the throws of getting on top of my FAMILY PLANNER FOLDER and have gotten to the part where I need to update our Emergency Contact List. I tape mine on the inside cover of my folder. I thought others might like to have one too. You could print this off and just fill in your own details if you like.

Why have an emergency contact list? Well, I think it not only helps mama to be organised and know where to find things quickly but it also helps our children. Think about what a person is asked when on the phone dialing for an ambulance when they are flustered and often can't think straight. Firstly they need to remember the number they have to dial to get the ambulance! Then they are asked what the address is, where the nearest cross street is, etc and that can all be written down in the folder, easily accessible for anyone to read (young or old) who needs to ring for help in an emergency. Hopefully that will never happen, but if it does I want my kiddos to be prepared and to know how to act quickly.

{well I had a go at converting it from my American friends ;) }

If anyone out there actually finds these sheets that I upload helpful, I'd love to hear from you.
And if you think they are rubbish, well that's ok too - maybe you could still let me know why :)

I've made some of my tags for my folder too.
How are you going with your Planner?

More soon,


faelih said...

Aww, this American feels loved! :). Too sweet of you!

And of course I don't think they are rubbish. Emergency contact sheets are very, very important indeed!

I'll have to update for the second challenge; my thoughts are just a little occupied at the moment! :).

Sarndra said...

This is fantastic Lus- well done!! Hope u got my emails finally, am having major trouble with yahoo email, am going to go to gmail soon and get better internet connected fingers crossed :-) Hope you have a lovely weekend Xx

lusi said...

Phyllis, I am so glad you feel the love lol! Big hugs to you :)

And lovely Sarndra! Hi!!! I just emailed you back tonight probably around the same time you posted this message! How's that for timing?! Hope you get your email know all about the probs I've had with mine recently! Love to you,
Lus x

Lilacstitcher said...

Lusi, it's all awesome. Think the folder is a great idea. I had something similar once, but fell of the cart somewhere after baby #5 It's a good reminder to update.
Love Elisa

lusi said...

Thanks for your encouragement Elisa! I fell off the wagon with it after #4 so I'm hoping this time since it's more clearly labelled and culled I'll be able to keep it up! lol! Hope you are doing well mate. Let's catch up very soon!!!
Love Lus x


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