Saturday, June 4, 2011

This past week...

We woke up and enjoyed warm milos before breakfast (zippi's first one!)...

I went through all the baby clothing in the garage.
I culled 6 garbage bags to give away.
I organised all the remainder into ones for baby 'E' (to be washed, folded and put away in the coming weeks) and the rest went into plastic boxes by size. Each size has a box so 'oooo's' in one box labelled and then another box with 'ooo's' etc. You get the idea. Easier to find if we have more little girls down the track ;)
Here's what it was like as I was in the throws of sorting...

The boys worked on a construction project with Brett...

It was a $5 kit of the Opera House which we got from Aldi last week...

Was a bit fiddly but worth the money...

Shame we can't say the same for the ferris wheel kit...It looks alright in this photo but the poles wouldn't bend properly so it was VERY skewif! When the motor was turned on, bits and pieces flung everywhere. I wouldn't recommend this one but was still a good experience in trying to follow instructions and put something together...

Kiddos doing some copywork on the Gold Rush. We used this great INTERACTIVE WEBSITE HERE to teach about what life was like in the gold rush era. It also introduced the munchkins to the old English currency of pounds and shillings. We PLAYED THIS QUIZ ABOUT THE GOLDRUSH and read THE POEM 'THE ROARING DAYS' by Henry Lawson. That led into an intro about who Henry Lawson was and we read about his life HERE. Goodness he had a sad life.

Ethi had earnt a coupon this week (Ill do another post on how these work in our house another day) and he chose to redeem a 'date night with dad' as his coupon prize! Here they are as they head out...
(He excitedly told me all about the strawberry smoothie and pancakes he had after they played the car race at the local arcade)...

Stass and Liji decided to compare how tall they were against each other!

We went out to a local orchard and picked up two boxes of apples; only $10 a box!
Thank you Yah (God) for your provision!

We stopped in at two community markets on the way home.
The kids enjoyed seeing a demo on water treatment...

and Ethi took a turn in the Fire truck at the other cute!

This arvo I FINALLY got around to spraying my rocking chair (another post to come later on this) which is my fave place to breastfeed from when I have a newborn! I also sewed the cushion covers to go on it too after much procrastination!

Other Happenings from our Week:

We had a family member pass away so that was pretty tough. It all ended well with this person though and we feel SO incredibly thankful to Yah for His peace and graciousness. We are thankful for the love and support we recieved from many family and friends too.

I got to see one of my sisters (haven't seen either of them for over 10 months now) and it was so lovely! It will probably be the only time I see her this pregnancy so it was extra special. It was very brief but really wonderful.

Zippi has begun using the toilet for both ahem lots of business! She just wanted to and was very ready. I think EC helped her. We were using ELIMINATION COMMUNICATION METHODS from when she was about 5 weeks old until about 7 months or so. She still uses her cues now and I think it really helped the transistion to using the 'big toilet'. She's now had 3 completely dry days! We're hoping she might be out of day nappies by the time bub arrives :)
We'll be using EC again with baby 'E' - well that is the plan anyway! Anyone else out there used EC?
Oh here's a photo of Zip with Brett using EC with Zip when she was tiny...

Ok must fly,
More to come another time.
Lus x
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kathy said...

Nice to see what you all have been up too! Where abouts do you go to pick tge apples? They look great and cheap too!
I do a form of ec but not really. Lots of nappy free time and we use the potty/toilet from very early on. I suppose it's more like toilet timing. I think it's too hard to fully do ec with heaps of other kids! Do you use nappies at all? I've had pretty good sucess with toilet training though. Dry kids from 16 months - 20 months although I had one I put back in nappies until after 2!
I look forward to seeing your finished rocking chair!

Mommy Set Free said...

Loved this update.

I am sorry for your loose.

That is so cool about Zippy and the EMC!

Painting while preganant? Oh that's asking for a finger shake!! :-) (But I did the same thing when we moved here!) :-) So you won't get it from me. :-) tell...what is a Milo??

lusi said...

Hi Kathy- we do more like what you describe too! I still call it EC but we still use nappies! You sound like you've had a lot of success with doing EC early on and that it helped them as they got older to use the big toilet. Hope the pregnancy is going well for you!

Hi Pamela- lol yes naughty me but I was careful to watch the direction of the wind and I wore a mask; does that make it a little better? I know seriously though that it is important to be careful of painting when pregnant. Ok so a Milo is a brand of like a hot chocolate but it's not chocolate it's a kind of malt drink I think. The kids love 2 teaspoons in a mug with hot water and some milk. Hope all is well your way lovely Pamela!

Much love
Lus x

Leah-in-the-Kia said...

cant beat a nice hot milo in the mornings! Baby "E", I cant wait to find out his name when he is born! so cute to match your other boys! Your family planner is perfect timing for me as well, I was thinking I really need to do one especially since I will in the USA next school hols for the 2 weeks and hubby will have 3 kids with him ( Britt will be with me). And how exciting sorting baby clothes, I LOVE doing that and washing all the baby stuff when I am pregnant! Hope you are well
Love Leah

Sarah Slaven said...

Hey Lusi

Always love how full your post are.
I'm very sorry for you loss but glad that you are finding strength and peace in our loving God.
I had to giggle when I saw the rocking chair, I have exactly the same one and suddenly had to spray it white while pregnant with Sabi.
I can't talk about toilet training though. Lani is the only one I can claim any credit for. Eli had a massive toilet phobia that persisted right through poor Lillys transition and I'm afraid she trained herself and it looks like Sabi is doing the same it just hasn't crossed my mind to do anything about it yet but she takes herself when she needs to go.

lusi said...

Thanks Leah! I'm so glad that the Family Planner post was timely for you. Hope you have a WONDERFUL time in the states! I remember you mentioning it a while back but it felt like it was ages away! Now the time has almost arrived! Take care Leah!

And Sarah lol about the rocking chair! So funny that we both did the same thing! Sounds great that your kiddos trained themselves pretty much; I reckon that's fab! Hope all is well your way mate :-)

Love Lus x

Sumara said...

xoxoxoxoxoxo. Love love love to you all.

lusi said...

love love love you right back mate xo


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