Sunday, June 5, 2011

Savouring the little things...

I'm lying here in bed typing this as I watch the sunrise; beautiful pinks yellows and oranges fill my sight.
I lay snuggling up to a warm two year old until she realised it was time to get up and have her bottle of goats milk.
My parents are still here with us after the funeral and it's so lovely to spend time with them. The kiddos LOVE piling into their bed for what is known around here as 'early morning cuddles'! They help with the housework too which is a HUGE blessing to me this far into the pregnancy.
And the best feeling? Is that I dont have to rush around to get the kids to school. Instead we all work on our chores, roll some fresh oats, cook up some porridge, chat and listen to and with each other. Then it will be time for some homeschooling lessons.
I think this morning I am feeling very grateful for the choices we have been led by Yah to make. I am thankful for this safe place in which I live. I am savoring special time spent with my parents.
What are you thankful for today?
Lus x


frills and spills said...

Sorry for the loss of your family member xx Wonderful you were able to spend time with family though - especially your sister. Nothing like sisters!

I'm thankful for my sister who lives just a couple of streets away. Really thankful for her support this weekend with a challenging 6yr old :( I'm also thankful for a a supportive uni teacher who has given me an extension on an assignment - one that the lecturer had said "absolutely NO extensions" - without me even asking because she could see I was under pressure - I know God had His hand in that big time!

I'm starting to make porridge again this week with the mornings getting super chilly! We have ours with cinnamon & berries or stewed pear/apple (whatever I have on hand :) )

Love to you!
Jas xx

lusi said...

Hi Jas :)
Sorry you had a hard weekend :( So glad your sis lives nearby to help you out! And am SO glad you could get an extension too - what a blessing! I love the way God works like that!!!
Porridge with stewed fruits...yummo!
Love Lus x

rhonda jean said...

Hi Lusi, I'm sorry you had a funeral but it must be wonderful having your parents there. I saw Sarndra yesterday and she told me she's been having some lovely emails with you.

Your home looks like it's filled with love. It's so encouraging to see that.

I hope you sail through the last couple of weeks of your pregnancy. How exciting, another baby!

lusi said...

Hi Rhonda :) Thanks for taking the time to stop by! I have SO enjoyed chatting with Sarndra and getting to know her too! She really brightened my week :)
Thank you for your kind comments about my home too; we try to make it just that - a home filled with lots of love.
We can't wait to meet our next little addition - I've really enjoyed watching your time with Jamie unfolding and I can't wait to see Sarndra's little one when it arrives too!
With love,
Lusi x

caz1975 said...

It's the simple unrushed family moments that I love the most about being a homeschooling family too :-)

lusi said...

Totally agree Carolyn!
Hope you are all well :)
Love Lus x


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