Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Homeschooling, Family Times and just Life in General Really!

This week we talked a bit about solids and so I thought it would be timely to introduce the concepts of solids, liquids and gasses to the kids.

I read from the Childcraft book 'Discovering Science' about matter, atoms and the states of matter in very simple-easy-to-understand-terms.
I remembered reading about a fun goo thing in THIS POST ON THE LOVELY MEL GOODSELL'S BLOG (thanks Mel!)
I thought it would be a great example of two different states of matter (liquid and solid).
I read aloud from THE BIT IN THE BLUE BOX ON THIS WEBSITE which i thought explained the 'why' of it all quite simply. And there was a bit more to read (only bits and pieces) FROM THIS PDF ONLINE TOO.

Of course, I don't need to tell you that while I am getting this whole lesson organised, the kids are either running around the house like monkeys, fighting or screaming because Zip a) has hurt them b) has annoyed them c) is wanting to go sit on the toilet AGAIN even though she's not wanting to actually *do* something!
You get the idea right? ;) Actually it wasn't that bad really. They coloured in THIS SHEET while I went back and forth with Zip to the toilet and then picked up reading again where we left off until the next time she needed to go - and then she went! Life just adapts around the needs of the family when you are raising rambunctious beautiful munchkins with a variety of needs at the same time!

Ok anyway, back to what I was sharing originally!
Here's the cornflour 'goo' activity...
Adding water + cornflour...

+ a little food colouring...

to make a paste which when lightly touched is like a liquid but when pressure was added acted like a solid!

Eeeewy goooey goodness me!

Mum + Dad offered to cook a meal of our choice this week and we chose my mum's homemade lasagne with lots of fresh greens. Man was it good! Was SO lovely just sitting around the big table talking together after a very full on week. We felt very blessed that they would do that for our family - prepare and cook such a meal from the heart. Love them so much!...

This week I washed some of the baby clothes that I had sorted last week...

Daddy + the kiddos...

While I was looking at the post on the cornflour on Mel Goodsell's blog that I mentioned a little earlier, I came across THIS POST ON HOW TO MAKE A MARBLE HOUSE and all at once had three little voices over my shoulder asking when we "could make one of those?!?!?!?!" (Again, thanks Mel for sharing such great ideas!)
So they started making it on the weekend (by themselves!) and had it finished by last night ready to play with before bed. My dad LOVED playing with it with the kiddos (we played heaps of marble games with dad when I was a kid!!!) and even Zip got in on the act...

Continuing on with THE STUFF THAT WE'VE BEEN LEARNING ABOUT THE HUMAN BRAIN, we made some BRAIN HATS! Anyone else made these before? We all had a good time with this one!

Lots of colouring in the various lobes...

then cutting along the dotted lines...

trying to guess how it would match up to our heads...

and putting it all together!

the back view...

Brett cooked up some delicious pancakes tonight for tea and I prepared some freshly squeezed lemons from our tree with a little sugar, some maple syrup + frozen berries as toppings.

A little while back, we collected some leaves from the backyard and pressed them flat-ish...

I bought some JAC paper (double sided sheets of paper) from KMart and we stuck the leaves directly onto them...

We peeled the backing off...

and stuck the whole thing down onto some cardstock...

Some of the kids added some coloured sand to theirs to fill in the 'white sticky' bits...

We stuck them up on our 'art' wall but as you can see from this pic they kind of, well, started curling and peeling straight off the paper!

Stass designed a lovely 'Seasonal Nature Table' sign...

(you can see that most of the leaves have now well and truly peeled off the double sided paper! We didn't have them flat enough to start with i think but the kids don't really care! They still like that some of what they did is hanging up there! lol!)
Anyway, on our little nature table, apart from pinecones and leaves lives this little book holder I got last year from a $2 store. It has books we are referring to when we do some of our current nature study.

We recently had some Australian King Parrots visit us so we looked up a bit about them on the BIRDS IN BACKYARDS WEBSITE. Have you ever looked at their website? There is some great info there with calls even to listen to (our kids love that bit! They go on trying to imitate the bird for the next week mind you! lol!)
 I make up worksheets by cutting and pasting important info from this website on the birds we look at (we've only looked at a couple over the last 2 years but they enjoy it when we do!) They coloured in THIS COLOURING IN SHEET OF A PARROT while I was reading aloud to them (my kids love to do this if you hadn't picked up on that; colour in something while i read to them!) And they coloured them in using the colours of the male (red head + red chest with green feathers on the wings and tail).
Here's one that visited us a while ago...

Stass redeemed her current coupon tonight for a mummy-daughter date night. Up we went to town all rugged up and enjoyed hot chocolates and a piece of cake to share while we chatted about what had been happening lately and other things on our hearts. We took turns at reading from one of her Little House on the Prairie books that she hasn't read yet. I think these times are very precious and I know I will look back on them one day with very fond memories.
Right now though, I want to savour the present!

And before I jet off I wanted to share one of the verses that Yehovah has led me to for the upcoming birth of our son. For our pregnancies and deliveries, I've had verses that have meant something special to me and have focussed on these throughout both the 9 month journey and the special journey of delivering forth new life. Often I meditate on these verses and they play over and over in my mind during the most intense moments of labour. This time I have several that I've made into songs and have loved singing them (and hearing our whole family sing them!) throughout the pregnancy. This one is not currently a song but it is one that I will attempt to memories for the delivery.

It is from Deuteronomy chapter 33 verse 26 to 29
(bold mine to highlight the things that I love about this passage!)

 “There is no one like the God of Jeshurun*,

who rides across the heavens to help you

and on the clouds in his majesty.

The eternal God is your refuge,

and underneath are the everlasting arms.

He will drive out your enemies before you,

saying, ‘Destroy them!’

So Israel will live in safety;

Jacob will dwell secure

in a land of grain and new wine,

where the heavens drop dew.

Blessed are you, Israel!

Who is like you,

a people saved by Yehovah?

He is your shield and helper

and your glorious sword".

(* As I currently understand it, 'Jeshurun' is an affectionate term for Israel when she is walking obediently withYah and according to His ways. I may be wrong on this but that's how I understand it -please share more on this if you can! )
Well, that was one mixed bag of a post!
Love to you,

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Traci said...

Lusi, you've been a busy bee:) Love all the pics on your blog posts...the brain hats are great!

Many blessings to your home,


Sarndra said...

Your passage is beautiful Lusi. I'm sure it will help you alot thru the birth. I love seeing your family photos- you make school so much fun!! Shane and I are both bird-lovers from way back and its so nice to know there's stil King Parrots out there in the bush, and on your back deck :-) They are magnificent. Lots of love xoxx
p.s the word verification is "versings" ! like 'verse' and 'sings'! appropriate! :)

Leah-in-the-Kia said...

You are such a great mum! Looks like so much fun, I really take my hat off to you for homeschooling, I don't think I could do it, you seem to be so organised with all your school stuff! What a great post indeed!

caz1975 said...

Love the brain hats!!! Also love that your comments are in a pop up box which means they work for me, I am having big issues with being able to comment on blogger at the moment!

lusi said...

Hi lovely ladies,

Thanks so much for your lovely comments!

Carolyn, I am having similar
problems too! I find it is worse if I stay signed into blogger. So now I just have to sign in each time but it will let me comment then. Not sure if that helps?

Sarndra, lol that is cute about the word verification! That's so sweet! And we love watching all the birds that visit our way ;)

Love to you all my friends!
Lus x

Andi said...

Dont' you just love brain hat! Fall leaves...I love em, but I will happily wait until fall here :0)


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