Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Brainy-ainy-ain

That's one of the lines out of the chorus of the song I made up to help the kids learn some more about the brain this week.

We hadn't really touched on it before this, so thought I would do a basic brain intro.

We started off with some colouring in sheets about the brain from ENCHANTED LEARNING and the kids coloured in different sections of the brain while I read aloud to them from some sheets I'd gathered from the net...

I also read aloud to them from this cute interactive book we have on the human body...

We talked about how our brains help us with our senses and named them. Our brain helps us to distinguish between flavours. To prove that, we had a little fun taste-test!

Each child was blindfolded whilst another child selected a flavoured jellybean and the blindfolded child had to guess which flavour it was. This was a HUGE treat for our kids (they do not eat coloured foods normally so this was a really big deal for them!!!)

Once they had labelled their paper brains, it was time to glove up...
(ahem Stass's face says it all right here!!!!)

and get ready to disect a sheep's brain! EEEEW!!!
This was a frozen pack I picked up from my local butcher...

We had learnt about the cerebrum being the biggest part of the brain and tried to identify the cerebellum. We had learnt that the top bit that looks like intestines is called the cerebrum cortex, that the 'bumps' are called gyri and the fissures are called sulci.

We'd also learnt about the 2 hemispheres of the brain; right and left and how each has hemisphere has 4 lobes; the frontal, occipital, temporal and perietal lobes that help us to function in different ways.
Where would we be without our 'brainy-ainy-ain?' the sheep's brain looked before we disected it into the two hemispheres...

We also weighed one to compare the difference between this one in weight (which was 104g) and the average human brain which weighs 1.3kg!

Once they had disected it in half, they all downed their knives and told me how disgusting that was! They were not wanting to do that again (although they wanted to do the jelly bean challenge again!!!! lol!)

We also watched THIS BBC DOCO on whether or not brain training works. I especially wanted to watch it since it showed a man who had had half of his brain removed as a child and then how he was able to continue to function as an adult - truly miraculous!

We talked about how to best look after our skulls and our brains too.

Some other good teaching resources HERE, HERE and HERE.

We'll also be learning the song I made up about the brain over the coming weeks.

More another time,


Andi said...

:) Ok your the mom...HUGE SMILE...i would have never done a sheeps brain or any brain...that was great mum!

lusi said...

Lol Andi It was pretty gross!!! Hope you are well my friend :-)
Love lus x

Stace said...

I agree with Strass!!!! My face would be the same!!! Wouldnt change until all the brains were away from me........... ewwwwww!!!!!!!!!

Great lesson though :) xxx

Sarah Slaven said...

Wow great ideas way ta make science so gross and interesting.


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