Sunday, June 19, 2011

Cleaning Vertical Blinds Naturally

We've been living in our rental home here for the past 7 and a half years and until recently, have really struggled to find a good cleaning solution for my vertical blinds. We have them over the sink (which means they get splash spots on them) and we have them also in some of the bedrooms and in the big family room.
Let's just say that these bad boys accumulate dust, grime and grease like nothing else.

Enter my conflour solution!
I'd recently heard about how this recipe cuts through grease on windows and so thought I'd try it out on the vertical blinds.

The Recipe:

1. Fill a spray bottle about 3/4 of the way with LUKE WARM water (not too hot or cold or it won't work)
2. Use a funnel (paper or other) to add 2 flat teaspsoons of cornflour to the water
3. Shake
4. Spray small amounts onto desired area and wipe in a circular motion with a white face washer or cloth terry nappy. I used a coloured one to start with and noticed some of the colour of the cloth beginning to leach onto the blind so I switched to a white cloth instead.

Ok, now here is a little photo demo...
BEFORE on the verticals right near the kitchen tap (the greasiest and yuckiest spot!)
(keep in mind that this photo has no flash so it looks different to the after - it just wouldn't let me photograph it any other way)...

AFTER on the same vertical (I just did one here to show the difference) Again, please keep in mind that this is using a flash so it does look more bright than the last shot overall - it wouldn't let me take it with the flash off!)
Anyway, I think you can see though that there is a HUGE difference!

We also have verticals in the backroom (below) like I said (this is one third of them!) and I was able to clean them all yesterday.
I think my nesting instincts are really kicking in now!

Just thought I'd share that in case anyone else has these and has been looking for a natural cleaning solution for them too!

Oh and I forgot to add, the other thing I used to clean them with was the Chux Magic Erasers. While these are good and do seem to do the job, they are MEGA expensive when you have this many blinds to clean! So I am planning on using those for any bits that the cornflour mixture won't take off.

Have you had trouble cleaning your verticals? Do you have something that works for you? Let me know if you have a crack at using this recipe too :)

More another time,


Sarah Lou said...

perfect, thank you so much - i struggle with my blinds all the time.

lusi said...

Me too! Glad to help :-)
Lusi x

Diane said...

Great work there. We have verticals in our rented home too. Cleaning them has not crossed my mind (yet). And the Venetian blind in the kitchen is right up so that it doesn't get anything splashed on it. :)
So, this mix could be good for walls too.

Mum-me said...

Thanks for the tip.

lusi said...

Hi Diane and Mum-Me :)
Most welcome!
Diane, I reckon it would work great on walls too - let me know if you try it before i get a chance!
Much love,
Lus x

Bamboo Shades said...

Hi, this is really handy tips. Thanks for the sharing.


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