Monday, August 29, 2011

Easy Peasy Tangerine Marmalade

 So I haven't given birth yet lol! I am currently 40 weeks and 2 days pregnant :) And in keeping with MY 'REASONS TO BE THANKFUL THAT I HAVEN'T GIVEN BIRTH JUST YET' post, I thought I would share with you what I made today for the first time!

I've only made jam once before and have never made marmalade. Now, I'm no Martha Stewart but I like to try new things and there is a family saying that goes back to my great-grandma..."Waste not, want not!"

We are in a local fruit and veg co-op (which we LOVE SO MUCH thanks to Kaz for getting us onto it!!!!) Anyway, we recently got a whole lot of tangerines. They are lovely but a bit bitter for the kids (plus they are loaded with salicylates and while they are all back onto a reg salicylate diet, we still don't like them having an overload of them!)

So...instead of wasting these lovely fruits, I thought I'd have a crack at making some tangerine marmalade.

I searched on the net for a good recipe but for many and varied reasons, couldn't find one that really fit (most were just too many steps and took too long to make. I know. Lazy. But really, I wanted to try something that was not going to be started one day and then have to be completed the next day when I could give birth overnight!!! lol!)


Here's how I tweaked a couple of different recipes (kind of choosing the best bits I liked from each and then appropriating it to my own needs).

Only 4 ingredients and 10 steps!

10 tangerines
860g sugar
4 Tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice
1 x 50g packet of Jamsetta (packet pectin mixed with some citric acid and a little caster sugar basically!) You get Jamsetta at Coles


Step 1:
Scrub and wash the waxy skin well in water

Step 2:
Cut 10 tangerines around the equator and remove all seeds

Step 3:
Peel away the flesh from 10 tangerines and put into a large pot...

NB: If you want a really smooth kind of marmalade, you could probably pulse these in a blender but I like mine chunky so I left the segments as is! See the pic below - chunky as!

Step 4:
Take the rind of 4 of the tangerines (so 8 halves) and cut into think strips. I read somewhere that the rind makes it quite bitter so feel free to cut back on this bit if you don't like your marmalade too bitter. Mine worked out just right for me but you don't have my taste buds so I guess it would be a bit of trial and error to kind of get it to your own liking! 

Step 5:
In a large pot, gently warm both the flesh and the rind...

Step 6:
Now add 860g sugar & stir well...

Step 7:
Add 4 Tablespoons of lemon juice and stir well.
Now is the time to also add your Jamsetta and stir well.
(I also read somewhere that instead of Jamsetta, you can pop all the seeds your took out into a little boquet garni and let the natural pectin from the seeds help your marmalade set. I might try that another time but for me, throwing in the pack of Jamsetta made life a little bit easier today!)

Step 8:
Bring pot to the boil on a gentle heat.
Boil for 5 mins stirring occassionally...

Step 9:
Allow your marmalade to cool...

Step 10:
Bottle into sterillised jars and get ready to enjoy some on toast or scones!

Well, that's it from me tonight.
Am going to try for an early night, you know...just in case tonight is the night (although I say that every night! lol!)
All is well here though. Had a check up with our lovely Midwife Hazel yesterday and all is great; blood pressure, bub is in an even better position than before and I am feeling good.
Can't really ask for more than that hey!
Thanks to everyone for your messages, thoughts, prayers and love.

Yah bless you.
Oh and I am linking this post up with THE HOMESTEAD REVIVAL BARN HOP :)


singing mama said...

Thinking of you all Lusi as the countdown continues!! Glad that you have your list of things to be thankful for. The marmalade looks yummy!! Love and hugs. Donna

Sigalit Chana said...

oh yummy! My boys have just taken a liking to orange marmalade. I might have to give this a try =) thanks for the how to... praying that all goes perfectly with the entrance of the new little Yisra'elite =) Shalom!

lusi said...

Thanks Donna and Sigalit! Love to you both!

jess said...

Thinking of you everyday Lusi and wondering each day if.. today is the day you welcome your precious little baby boy!! Wishing you all the best!
Xx Jess

lusi said...

Aww so sweet of you Jess! Thank you!!!
Love Lus x

Mel said...

Just popping in to say Hi to my inspiring, lovely Lusi!!

lusi said...

Hi Mel!!! Thanks so much for your msg yesterday- sorry I didn't get around to calling you back. Will try to today. Thanks for stopping by my friend.
Love you!
Lus x

Julie said...

Praying for you. I've gone to 42 weeks before. Every day seems like an eternity. May YHVH give you shalom!

lusi said...

Thanks Julie! The longest I've gone before is 41 weeks 5 days. Appreciate the prayers and I know YHVH has the PERFECT time appointed for this birth...yay! Can't wait-so exciting! Love to you!

Nat said...

That looks yum!!
Thinking of you every day and checking my phone constantly!!
Love you xx

kathy said...

Hi Lusi,
That looks yyummy. I love eating homemade things they just taste so much nicer! I have been meaning to comment on your post for a while so I will leave all my comments on this one :)
Nappies- they loog great. I love making MCN I didn't know there were you tube tutorial on it hough I will need to check it out. Can I offer some advice? Be careful how many layers you put in an AIO. Because of the PUL it takes a long time to dry especially if they are made from bamboo or hemp's fine if you have heaps of sun but if it's winter I find they take days to dry. I think that's why lots of people make pocket nappies so the inserts dry quicker :)
Birth letters- I have a diary kept for each chils with letters I write to them through the pregnancy and their birth story and then throughout the years (I am pretty slack on this now but Ethan's is quite full). I had planned on giving it to them on their 18th birthday. I especially made them so they would know how much I loved them and wanted them if I ever died! I haven't started Essence's yet!
Can't wait to hear you have gone ionto labour. These last weeks are hard especially when you go over. Your looking great by the way :)

lusi said...

Nat, thanks my beautiful friend!

Hi lovely Kathy :-) thanks for your comment! I appreciate the advice about the AIO..I hadnt thought of them taking so long drying! Hopefully they'll work out ok but will definitely take that into account if I make some more down the track. I started off with a journal for Stassi's pregnancy but just couldn't keep it up with the others so the tradition morphed into a pre and post birth letter! Good on you for journaling to them throughout the years. That's what I loved about scrapbooking but since I haven't done that for a while, my blog is kind of the next best 'keepsake' I can think of lol! Thinking of you as the end of your pregnancy draws near and you get to meet your little princess!!!
Much love,
Lus x

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