Saturday, August 27, 2011

Birthing Traditions...Letters

I've posted before about little traditions we've had around birthing. One of these is that I write a letter to our baby while he/she is in utero. Then on the morning that he/she is born, I write another letter.

I thought I would share one of these letters here. This is the one I wrote the morning of Ethan's birth. He is now nearly 7 years old and I love looking back over this. I scrap-booked this onto a page a couple of years back and found it now long ago.

Here's what I wrote...

"My darling are here safely! Praise the Lord! You are lying in your hospital crib next to my bed - soundly asleep! You have only cried out once since you were born just on 3 hours ago now. It's now 5am (just after) and outside our window, the sky is just wanting to turn colour from a dark black to blue.

You have made such a peaceful entrance and dad and I were just overwhelmed with joy when you were born! God graciously granted us a very quick delivery - just on 1 + 1/2 hours all up! He also answered our prayer to have kind and compassionate care from the midwives here. Heather and Debbie delivered you into this wonderful world. Heather was with me when Stass was born. They both gave me a kiss when you were born. So you see son, the room was just filled with love right from the very moment of your birth - your very first precious breaths.

You look more like Stass than Liji right now - you have a cute button Fijian nose, very dark brown frizzy hair but you have the same shaped mouth as Liji. What a beautiful mix - our beautiful son!

We had worship and praise music on during the labour and in my head I kept saying Psalm 118:5 "The LORD is with me, I will not be afraid..." and I wasn't. Dad was marvellous. He helped me so much - he wouldn't have missed yours, Liji's or Stass's births for anything! He's so supportive and loving...and guess what - today's the celebration of our 4th wedding anniversary! Dad said in the delivery suite, "You know this means that when Ethan's 21, we'll be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary!!!" He's as proud as I am and loves you to bits already. Your 21st seems a million miles away now, as I sit here and the sky begins to turn a lighter shade of blue.

May you grow to know the love of our Heavenly Father for you through Jesus and the Holy Spirit's guidance. May you know how treasured you are by us - mum + dad + your family + friends.

You are a special treasure and it's an honour and privilege mate to be your mum and watch you grow into the man of God that He intended you to be.

God bless you always little boy.
Love always,
Mum xxx


Do have a similar birth tradition? I love hearing about how other families welcome their newest little ones with special keepsakes. Tell me about yours!

I am so excited that I get to write another letter like this very soon to our newest little family member!
Any day now...{squeal!}
More to come another time.


Julie said...

Our tradition since coming into Torah is for the first words our babies here is the Shema from my husband's lips. I love that!

lusi said...

Beautiful Julie!
Thanks for sharing :)
Lusi x

Leah-in-the-Kia said...

that is so sweet!


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