Friday, August 26, 2011

Reasons to Be Thankful...

I think most women who have been pregnant would be able to say that physically, the final couple of weeks of pregnancy can be difficult. Everyone is different though and each pregnancy different; some seem easier or harder than others. The body is heavier, more tired and you are up more often in the night. Couple that with very strong + regular contractions, intense pubic bone pain and the fact that as a homeschooling mama you have 4 other kiddos around you all day every day and there is the very real fact that life is harder in these last few weeks.
{I must add here that I have been very blessed to have had Brett at home during this season and he has helped out alot around here}.

Since we've had a baby born at 34.5 weeks before, we always try to be 'ready' just in case that happens again even though the rest were either 'over due', a week early or pretty much smack on! When you get to 40 weeks, you feel as though you have been 'ready' for months!
So I think sometimes it can be hard to maintain a positive attitude during these final weeks and days. There is no denying that it is uncomfortable and at times, is! But I want my attitude to be one that reflects the joy and love that I feel towards Yah for allowing me to carry this precious life.
I want to choose to be thankful in the midst of the challenges.
I want to choose to be joyful in the midst of difficulty.
I don't always do it, but I want to try to!
So, to help me, I decided to keep a little list on my iphone that I called,
'Reasons to Be Glad I Haven't Given Birth Just Yet'.
Then, when I need the encouragement, I can look at this list and be thankful for the things that I've been able to enjoy in these last weeks and days of pregnancy.
Here are some things on my list from this past week:
Reasons to Be Glad I Haven't Given Birth Just Yet:
* Got to have a 9am sleep in today on Shabbat (last weekend)
* Bubby gets more time to grow stronger in the womb which means less chance of complications arising
* I have been able to get almost everything on my pregnancy 'to do' list done!
* I got to start making two MCN (modern cloth nappies)
I finished making them! Wooohooo!
I tried to remember what my lovely Natti had shown me in the past (thanks Nat!) but I was hopeless at remembering how. I googled SO many MCN tutorials and was about to give up when I found THIS ONE ON YOU TUBE. I feel very thankful that I found this and was able to have a go at making two newborn MCN's!

{I snapped 5 - yep 5 - sewing machine needles in the process lol but I got them made! They have 4 layers of microfibre as the sewn in booster, organic bamboo lining and PUL for the cover}.
* I had time to bake another batch of lactation cookies
* I got a chance to try out a new recipe - my own version of curry cauliflower and veg soup
* Had time to play a family game of 'Sorry' with Brett and the kids
* We had a chance to go to some Garden Nurseries together shopping for vegies and herbs for the garden
* We had time (and money!) to go to enjoy lunch at our fave cafe today...perhaps the last time we will get to do this as a family of 6!
* We had time to enjoy being outside in the garden while Brett showed the kids how to plant strawberries... be hung inside the new greenhouse...

* We had time to notice that Liji's peach tree is growing some new leaves! He planted this from a peach seed himself last year and it is really taking off!

* Got to price materials for the ABA (Australian Breastfeeding Association) card making fundraiser that I am helping to organise and made all the sample cards for the workshop :)

* We had time to read aloud '50 WAYS TO BRING OUT YOUR CHILD'S BEST' over dinner one night and discuss as a family as to whether the kiddos felt we were doing some of the things mentioned on the list and what we could all work towards improving.
Was a great discussion starter!!!!

* We were able to play cards before bed together as a family

* We got to have our first turn at cultivating sprouts (see previous post!). Been wanting to try this for so long and finally got around to doing it!

* Had the chance to have our last long catch up with Ben & Jas and also Elissa and the kids which was so lovely :)

* Took time to marvel at how quickly the herbs have grown and thanked Yah for it!

* Got to have a long game of family charades before bed with everyone participating

* I got to play chess with Stass today

* Got to have a great skype with my sis Dee

* Had the chance to video bubby wriggling under my skin in my tummy! Such big movements and I really wanted to relish this perhaps for one of the last weeks!

{Fair warning before you press play....bare tummy here!}

* Got to have another chiropractic adjustment :)

* Had the chance to have a LONG soak in the tub with candles lit one night...bliss!

* Got to get the baby car seat fitted (the lovely guy didn't even charge us to fit it! Praise Yah for his kindness!)

* Took the kids to an op shop, bought some plastic skittles, went to a cricket pitch, ate icecreams and played bowling together! So much fun!!!

* Also went on a lovely bushwalk that day

* Got to experience Hazel using a REBOZO {traditional Mexican style scarf} to make sure bub was in the optimum position ready for birth...he had kind of been sneaking off to the right hand side a bit and we both wanted to try to see if this would help to bring him around more to the centre...

* Took Zip out on her own to a local Play Group for the first time. She LOVED it (and so did I!) Was lovely seeing her interact with other children so happily. Yay Zippi!

* Got to menu plan and get home organised for another week :)

* And speaking of weeks, here I am one day shy of 40 weeks!
{lol I always seem to be wearing this shirt when I remember to take these shots. Hilarious!}

This list reminds me to be thankful.
It reminds me that soon, our life will change and we will have new family dynamics.
It has reminded me that while pregnancy can be tough, the joy of sharing life with the little one growing inside, is not always the outcome that all families may get.

One such family, is one of my closest and most precious friend's NAT.
During this, her fourth pregnancy, Nat found out that her sweet little boy, SEBASTIAN LEVI had a congenital disorder called TRISOMY 18. Nat is currently 33 weeks pregnant and the prognosis given at the time of diagnosis was not good. Nat and her sweet family have endured alot these past months and have clung onto the hope that God may grant them a miracle and spare Seb's life. However, their prayers is the same as what Yeshua (Jesus) prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane..."Take this cup of suffering away from me....but not my will but your will be done Father".
Please, keep this family in your prayers during this time leading up to Sebastian's birth. Please take the time to read about TRISOMY 18 and Nat's post on HOW TO SUPPORT US (which has helpful tips on what to say to families during challenges times like this that their family is going through).
Please pray for little Seb and for Nat and Greg and their family.

I was also really moved by the press conference today that showed the GRIEVING LALE FAMILY who tragically lost 11 members of their extended family this week in a house fire in QLD. I can't imagine what that poor family must be dealing with. Incredibly difficult stuff. The father reminded me of my own dad and of how close islander families are. I know this first hand. Praying for this family too.

Once again, it is a reminder to me, that life can be very short.
And it makes me even more thankful for the life that I have right now.

Thanks to everyone who has commented, texted, rung, emailed or prayed for us this week.
It has meant alot to me.
I send my love to you all :)

Well, more to come another time.
Shabbat Shalom all.
With love,


Heidi said...

A beautiful post from a beautiful lady! You have had a very exciting couple of weeks. It's pretty quiet around here lol. Blessings to you.

lusi said...

Awww thanks Heidi! What do you mean quiet your way!?!? You've got a BOOK out!!!! Clever you! Hope all is well your way my friend :-)
Love Lus x

Nat said...

Just LOOK at that little man kicking away in there!! Wowsers hey!

Yay on the MCNs too!!!

And thankyou so much for sharing my story and for asking for prayer for us, my dear friend. God is good, and will continue to be. We are very blessed and grateful for all the people we have praying for us all over the world.

I will be watching my phone closely in the next few days for your news. In the meantime, keep those special family times coming, and enjoy a little more sleep.

Ans you look wonderful!

Nat xx

singing mama said...

HOw beautiful seeing bubba E moving around- it's the best feeling isn't it!!
Lots of busy times for you at the moment!! Soon bubba E will be here and things will be a different kind of busy!

Thinking of and praying fir your dear friend Nat and little Sebastion Levi. My heart goes out to them!!

Luv Donna

Anthea said...

Lots of love to you all. I am thankful for YOU x


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