Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Beautiful Shabbat

Yesterday we went out to visit our lovely friends Christine and Jono and their beautiful children. They have moved to a place about 3 hours away from us now on a lovely property. We hadn't been out to see them since EARLY LAST OCTOBER and so it was SUCH a lovely time to catch up and visit with them all and their animals too!

Here are some of the shots I took yesterday out on the farm...



It was such a wonderful time being there chatting about NOURISHING TRADITIONS, truth, natural learning and just being together. It was especially lovely just watching our children play together and learn from the Vandor children about their life on a farm.
As a family, we yearn for a much more simple, peaceful and organic life.
We are hoping that will be Abba's plan for us sometime soon ;)
Brett and I so love long car rides where we talk and get into the deep things on our hearts.
Our kiddos loved singing and chatting on the way out there and slept some on the way home.

All in all, it was such a beautiful Shabbat spent with our family and our dear friends.

More another time,


Christine said...

such great shots Lus! It was so awesome having you all here, can't wait to catch up again!

Andi said...

Oh I wish I could walk down that long road with you all...what a blessing! I love the photo's too! Love yous....

singing mama said...

Looks like such a lovely day!!! Fellowship on shabbat is so sweet!

Anonymous said...

awesome photos, precious memories xx GG

lusi said...

And I wish you could too! Maybe some day we'll all get a chance to be together like that! Love to you my dear friend :)

Thanks G and Donna :)

And Christine, sigh, was SOOOOO lovely. Went way too quickly!
Love you all x

Enid said...

beautiful pictures, beautiful friendship! How perfect!


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