Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Wild Wild Weather

We've just experienced the worst winds and storms of our life up here!
We are fine - praise Yah for that :)
But man it was a real scare and a real wake up call for us!
We were without power for almost a day which really isn't that long at all but it made us think more and more about how reliant we are on electricity and how much we desire to 'get off grid' at some stage.
We do have gas water and stove so we could still bathe and cook which was a real blessing :)
This is how we slept last night, without heating, all bunked down together to keep as warm as possible in the loungeroom by candle light (also the safest part of the house) after reading some more of our family read aloud and having a pray together...

We decided to all sleep like that in the loungeroom because before we went to bed, Brett had shone the torch outside and this is what he saw just near the children's bedrooms...

A big branch from one of our eucalyptus trees had come down too close to their rooms for our liking.
I took these photos this morning from their windows.

It's just a branch but still, you wouldn't want that to come through a window in the middle of the night or smashing onto the roof.
Last night about 20 mins before this branch came down, I had been standing in the EXACT spot to pick curry leaves for dinner. I decided against standing there too long since I couldn't see which leaves were which in the dark. So I went inside, added curry power instead and then about 20 mins later, this branch came down right where I had been standing.
Thank you Yah that you are our sheild and refuge!

This big branch came down next to our bedroom in our neighbour's yard...

And diagonal to us a whole tree came down in our neighbour's yard narrowly missing both their house and their car quite miraculously...

This was only some of the remainder of the tree after a lovely good samaritan came around with his chainsaw and volunteered to cut it up for them...


Once again in the midst of the storm with the winds howling at 140 km/per hour and our children saying they were fearful, I was reminded of the words of one of the scriptures Yah has given me for this pregnancy and so I sang it to the family...

" A people saved by Yehovah
He is your shield and Helper
The Eternal God is your refuge
And underneath are the Everlasting Arms"
- Deut 33

Anyway, slow steps forward to making our life more sustainable and in the meantime, more praise to our wonderful God who has taken care of us.

More to come another time,


Leanne said...

unbelieveable!!! and to think we were in your beautiful region at Katoomba staying in a camper trailer the very night before! It was ridiculously windy then... I don't think it would of been very safe for us if we had stayed where we were...

glad to hear you and your family are safe..x

caz1975 said...

I was thinking of you watching the news last night cause they said it was bad up the mountains, glad you are all ok! We had a gazebo up in our backyard that is now a twisted and wrecked pile of poles and ripped plastic, thankfully nothing worse than that here!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lusi remember i was telling you about the family who made a sea change and left their life of western luxuies to living off the grid here is their blog hope you enjoy the read as i do.
love Aubty Kerrie

lusi said...

Leanne, glad you guys missed it and were safe!!!

Carolyn, sorry to read about your gazebo :( Glad you were safe too though.

And Aunty Kerrie - thanks for that link! I do remember you telling me about that - I'll check it out! Any baby news yet?!?! Love to you all! Lus x

Leah-in-the-Kia said...

glad you are ok Lusi! We were on our way to sydney and just got through the blue mountains before they closed the highway. We flew to LA the next day ( I am still here!) and Tim and the other 3 kids couldn't get home, they had to drive a different way but made it safely home. It is really hot here but we are having a faboulous time with the other 400 000 people at disneyland ( not kidding there are really 400 000 people in the park) Britt is having an amazing time dancing here , the parade was unbelievable, so excited to watch her dance here. Just blog checking from our hotel, catch you when I get home''Love Leah

lusi said...

Hi Leah!!! WoW! You sound like you are having a wonderful time in the US with Britt! Must be a once in a life-time kind of opportunity for her. May your time together be very special indeed!
And so glad you got through the wild weather safely in the blue mountains and that the rest of your fam got home safely too - phew!
Take care in the States Leah :)
Love Lus x

Anonymous said... baby to date 12/7/11:( now Im getting impatient . lol lots of love xx Aunty Kerrie

lusi said...

Hi Aunty Kerrie,
Thinking of Mel lots. Please send her our love!
Much love to you all,
Lus x


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