Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Birth Pool and a Sneak Peek at my Birthing Banner

I am so excited!

Last week OUR LOVELY MIDWIFE HAZEL gave me our birth pool to bring home!
It's A 'MADE IN WATER' BIRTH POOL with handles on the inside and a lovely inflated floor.
I had spoken to Hazel about getting one like this for a couple of different reasons and she was more than happy to accomodate my request which we SO appreciated!
Here it is in the box but you can see more photos of it if you click HERE...

We are yet to put it up for a test run but will sometime soon I think ;)
Here is a sneak peek at the birthing banner which I made recently.
It is going to hang up near where I am birthing in the pool (Yah willing).
It's kind of like party bunting since I wanted something celebratory and it is just made out of cardstock and scrapbooking papers...

Oh and here I am at about 32 weeks :)

More to come another time,


Andi said...

Beautiful Lusi....the pool sounds like a great idea!

Stephanie said...

I love the idea of the banner! You look great too :) So beautiful! Getting close! Hope you are feeling well!

Much love,

Sarndra said...

SO excting to have your birth pool Lusi!! Yay! :-D And your banner is gorgeous! I might get around to making something too to take to the birth centre. Only 3 days til my EDD! :-) Lots of love Xox

Sarndra said...

P.s Lovely pic of u too!! You look beautiful! Xx

Nat said...

Honey, you look fabulous and I'm SO EXCITED about your home birthing plans, and a wee bit jealous of your water birth!! All the best xx

Enid said...

aww look at that exciting a water birth!!I am praying for you to sweetie!!

{ T G L } said...

Wow, you're 32 weeks pregnant? Good luck with the last bit of your pregnancy and I hope your delivery goes well and in good health!

This Good Life

lusi said...

Thank you lovely friends for your encouraging comments.
Love to each one of you!
Lus x


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