Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Homestead Barn Hop...This Week's Plans

I'm joining in once again with the HOMESTEAD REVIVAL BARN HOP.

This week I am planning on making THIS GREEN TOMATO CHUTNEY with the last of this season's tomatoes that came off the vine. Some we'll let go red on the window sill but with the rest I want to have a go at making the chutney.

This week I also want to put back up our photo boards. When we MOVED THE BUFFET AND HUTCH RECENTLY, the photoboards were in the way and had to come down so now they need a new home in the back family room. I want to give them that new home this week if I can on the wall where the clock is now...

I knocked off two other things on my to-do-before-the-baby-comes-list yesterday which is good;
one was to get my eyes checked (pick up my reading glasses Monday I think)
and the other was buy some plastic under bed storage boxes for our room, labelling, culling and sorting things to go in there to make room for some of bubby's things in our walk-in robe.
Felt good going to bed last night that that had been done - it was a big job!

We're getting our oven fixed sometime today (yay!) and I have some craisin muffins to bake when it is ready to go!

I'd also really like to sort through the laundry and reorganise it nicely - just not sure I'll get a chance this week but it is certainly on the to-do list!

What a difference feeling better makes! This time last week I was totaly frustrated because I didn't have the energy to do anything but this week am feeling SO much better (Praise Yah!) and have knocked off a couple of big things from my list. Yay!

At my lovely MIDWIFE'S (HAZEL) recommendation, I have begun taking SPATONE since my last blood test showed that my red cells were a little low.

These come from a natural source in Wales and each time I take one, I think of my precious best friend Anth who is living there. Love you mate. Anyway, maybe these will help boost my energy levels too.

In other news...
Meet my new girl Mandy!
My very first Mandolin. I've been watching Mandolin Lessons for Beginners since I got it a couple of weeks ago. I'd been wanting one for a while (but kept getting confused between this and a mandola). The only thing I knew that I liked was what my beautiful friend Loz played. I rang and asked her about the mandola intitially until i realised it wasn't a mandola she played but a mandolin! The local music store was having a HUGE sale and was going under new management so this was HEAVILY discounted. And thanks to Loz and Heik chatting with the owner, I was able to get this one! Yay! Thanks guys - love you! And loving my new mandolin :)

Boys playing in the sand at our fave lookout late on Shabbat afternoon...

Hope all is well your way :)
More another time,


Andi said...

Mandi is great !!!!! Of course the chutney sounds yummy too!

Enid said...

So cool....Erin had been learning for a while...I am not sure if I hve posted aboout this in this blog. She like to make up her own music! :)

ffordd y drindod said...



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