Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Project of The Week...

(I've got a couple of projects that I am aiming to get done before bubby #5 arrives so I'll be doing a 'project of the week' post a little more regularly when I can. Check out the bottom of this post to see how you can join in too!)

Our plates and bowls etc that we use everyday used to be housed in the kitchen in one of the cupboards in the bottom of the shot just below. However, they were on the bottom shelf and it was beginning to hurt my back and tummy to bend in there and pull them out and let's face it - it'll only get harder as the pregnancy goes on. The other thing I had been thinking about alot lately was creating some extra room (somehow!) to house food bulk items that we purchase. There was nowhere in the kitchen for it BUT I've been able to fix both problems in one hit! Yay! The plan? Clean out the buffet and hutch and move all the everyday items (plates bowls etc) into it where I can access it all easily. Convert the space where plates used to belong into a bulk food storage area!

Here's the BEFORE shot of the back room (from the kitchen). You can see the buffet and hutch was down towards the back of the room.

And here it is AFTER with the buffet and hutch moved closer to the kitchen and altered somewhat.

Here's what we did.
Stass and I unpacked all the items from the shelves (most of which were ornamental).
I culled what we were not using and moved one or two other things to other places.

We removed the glass doors so that all the everyday items would be more accessible.

And ta da! Here's how it looks now...

I had some cute red and white spotted fabric (which is what the rocking chair cover is going to be made in - more on that another time) and just cut fabric to fit into the back of the top two shelves. I just tacked it in but it's holding perfectly!

Then I had imagined a little something different for the bottom shelf and checked out a scrapbooking store to buy some yummy flocked paper. I just cut them to size and whacked a whole heap of double sided tape on the back. It's got that cute furry embossed texture and I really like the look of it against the red...

i got these little rice bowls recently for 25c each from the op shop. they said a chinese restaraunt donated them...cute!

We've had the big basket (below) for our cutlery for a couple of years now but the smaller one was for free (from the free-box) at our local op shop and it is the perfect size for teaspoons.

So it's all done now and so much easier on my back to get to our everyday things to serve up!

And the best bit is the room that I can fill up now in for bulk foods buying...
Here is the BEFORE shot of where the plates used to belong...

And now I've got more room for bulk bags of rice, rice bran oil, flour, etc.

I know that posts like this probably seem fairly boring to everyone else, but I love making my home work for me.
I love that since I spend so much time in the kitchen and family room that it is somewhere that I enjoy being.
I love that just having a little cull and thinking a bit outside the square can give me more space to store things that will help save money for our growing family.
And I love doing all that on a budget ;)

I know that not everyone is wired the same but I love that when Yah (God) gave instructions for Aaron's garments He said they were designed for 'glory and for beauty' (ex 28:2). There's something in me that has been created to enjoy things that are often both practical and a bit on the pretty side ;)

5 Things I am thankful for today:

1. Kaz reminding me about the fruit and veg boxes and getting the chance to try them again. So excited about picking them up this morning!
2. My parent's safe return from visiting my sisters in Melbourne
3. Early morning snuggles and kisses with the kids
4. Having a long chat with my Anth on the phone last night
5. Not waking up with a HUGE migrane this morning. Yay! So glad it has gone :) Thank you Father!

Care to share?

Have you got any home projects that you are working on?
Care to share? Show it on your blog and link to it in the comments section of this post.
Well more another time,
Love Lus x


Dannii said...

Not a boring post at all! I love it!

I am like you too, and love making things work better in the home.

Just yesterday I moved my kitchen cupboards around too! My reason was to let more light into the kitchen.

Tara said...

Hutch looks fabulous.

We've started making Cayley her own room. And I just happened to post part 1 yesterday!

Leanne said...

Wowee! Congrats on baby#5!!!! I don't know how I missed that one! hee hee... How very exciting for you all.....x

ps - loving the hutch remodel! :D

Enid said...

Hey Lusi....

Girl...can't wait to see the changes you will do when nesting :)We work hard was a good day for outside projects...So glad Shabbat is coming..!


Leah-in-the-Kia said...

I love reading stuff like this! Gives me ideas for my own home, you have done a great job Lusi!


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