Thursday, September 9, 2010

Yay It's Preparation Day!

Wow! This week has seriously FLOWN by. I think I said that last week but SERIOUSLY!

So today is Preparation Day. Preparation Day is the day before the Sabbath day (rest day) which God assigned to us so that we could prepare our homes and our hearts before our time of rest. You can read a post on it HERE.

If you are preparing for Shabbat, you can link up to your blog and post a similar post called Yay it's Preparation Day. If you can link to the Mr Linky that would be good too :)

So here's my Preparation Day list that I offer up to Yahweh (God). His plans may be very different to mine today so I am open to Him moving and leading me in different ways than are on this list!

So tasks for me today:

* Clean kitchen!!!! We had our Feast of Trumpets celebration this week, plus my sisters visiting, plus a big trip to Sydney so my kitchen is in need of some TLC!
* Clean both bathrooms
* Homeschool folder filing
* Clean back table
* Baking + Cooking: bake anzac cookies, prep vegies - cut up for slow cooker soup (changed this to baking frittata muffins instead for lunch tomorrow!), bake pumpkin scones, vegie sticks cut up for snack box
* Our Bedroom tidy
* Vacuum rooms
* Sweep + Mop backroom
* Fold + put away washing
* Blog catch up posts
* Buy some bananas
* Print off colouring in sheets for where we are up to in Pilgrim's Progress Shabbat read aloud

Happy picture to motivate me...
My sisters + I hanging out this week....*sigh* over too quickly!

Wanna join in?

5 things I am thankful to the Lord for today:

1. A wonderful Feast of Trumpets celebration this week with loving friends(post on that to come!)
2. Safe trip to Sydney and back
3. Family; with all its ups and downs
4. His Word
5. Restoration

Love and blessings to you!
Shabbat Shalom!
Lusi x

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