Friday, September 10, 2010

Shabbat (Sabbath) Menu :)

I LOVE looking forward to having a day off each week! I LOVE having a whole day where I don't cook or clean! I LOVE having a day where I can read the Bible as much, listen to worship music, pray, fellowship with others...and I know that everyone has food ready + is able to help themselves too! It's so lovely! It's Shabbat (Sabbath!) rest!
Of course, it means I do a little extra today but that's ok! It's totally worth it!

Here's our menu for this Shabbat:
Dinner (friday night):

Chicken + Vegie soup + dipping bread (Brett made this today! Thanks honey!)

'Safe' cereal (it's an additive free/lactose free cereal) called 'coccoa'o's' by Orgran. It's a real treat for our kiddos and they are only allowed to eat it once a week on Shabbat - they really look forward to it!

Morning Tea:
Pumpkin Scones (only 5 ingredients in these + they are super yummy!)

Stass and I made these fritatta muffins up this arv

Afternoon Tea:
Vegie boxes + olives ready to snack on in the fridge. There are also strawberries :)


Tomorrow night will be omlettes. Low key, little prep + still yummy!

Well, I hope you have a great Shabbat as you rest in the King of Kings!
A special blessing to those who are celebrating Feast of Trumpets (Yom Teruah) tonight. We celebrated earlier this week. Thinking of you! 
May our hearts be drawn toward Him + may Yeshua (Jesus our Mesiah) be exalted in our lives!
Loads and loads of love to you all,
Lus x

Will leave you with our little Shabbat Shalom song!

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Gayle said...

hehe..thats talent playing the uke while a child clinbs on your lap!! Great song Lusi :)

Mommy Set Free said...

Will you share the Fritatta and Scone recipes with us? Yummo!

Love Love the video! Its so nice to see how other families do things.

Stephanie4Him said...

Yummy menu! My children and I LOVED watching the video! How precious..teaching our children to keep His Sabbath set apart with joy :) Shabbat Shalom!

Andi said...

I second the scone recipe and I love the veggies boxes! Great Prep! Have a restful Sabbath!

lusi said...

Lol Gayle! She's such a funny little thing! Hope you are well matey :)

Hi Pamela, Stephanie + Andi - thanks for your comments lovelies. Will try and post the recipes as soon as I can. Lots of love!

Karen L said...

Loved watching your Video Lusi - loved how the kids looked like they were really enjoying worshiping too. They have a great sense of rhythm. Your Uke playing was awesome.

YahKheena said...

We enjoyed the video so much, my girls now sing this on shabbat, they even taught those at the sukkot gathering how to sing it...

love it!!

lusi said...

Hi Yakheena!
I am so glad that your girls have enjoyed this song! Praise our wonderful Yah! May His name be praised!
Blessings upon you!
Love Lusi x

lusi said...

Hi karen! Not sure how I missed your comment mate; sorry!
Thanks for your encouragement.
Love to you as always!
Lus x


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