Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Guest Room Makeover!

(It was little Zip's room. It was a black + white + purple + blue theme)...

(It's now a guest bedroom. It's now a black + white + red theme)...

Wall canvas above the bed $10 from Go Lo

Bed frame from Ikea (we already had the matress)

Cushions from Ikea + K Mart (total cost under $30 since we also already owned the bedspread)

I got this great pack of 5 frames with mats for $15 and added our own photographs...

I got these three decorative paper balls which you can hang lights in (i haven't) and strung them up + hung them from the celing using removeable 3m hooks + strips. The balls cost $5 each.

I altered a pair of black curtains which i got from Ikea for $20. They were tabbed ones but the tabs let too much light in so i just ran it through the sewing machine to make a rod hole + i think it looks ok like that :)

The little black + white fabric storage boxes we had from before Zip was born + they still house some of her spare clothes. I just have them in there for a bit decoration! lol!

This little wooden stand I bought from ebay a couple of years ago for 99cents and it now houses some little furnishings that I liked....some tins from Ikea, some black rattan balls in a little $2 bowl from K Mart and down the bottom shelf is a Bible...

In the back corner is our bookshelf with some of our homeschooling supplies. There's not really anywhere else in our house to put it at the mo so we decided to leave it there. I made some more curtains for this one and strung them up with elastic mounted on some 3M hooks on the inside of the bookshelf (i'm thinking 3m should make me promo manager or something - kidding!) The red boxes on the shelves are also from Ikea and were about $2.50 each I think. They are nice and deep for all the playdoh/painting/jigsaw supplies...

We got this cute little table as a night stand in lieu of bedside tables since we couldn't fit one on each side of the bed. It was $30 or close to from Ikea. Sweet little place to put rings or watches or phones or whatever before going to bed...

Well that's pretty much it :)

I had alot of fun making up this room. It's not flash central but I think it is homey and comfortable + I pray every person who stays in it feels the presence of El Shaddai (God Almighty!) I am finding that as a homemaker, I really enjoy creating colourful + creative spaces around my little castle. I know some people don't enjoy that but I really do. It's fun discovering parts of who God has created us to be isn't it :)

Love + blessings,
Lus x


Katie said...

Your guest room looks great Lusi! I love the colour scheme and I especially love the paper balls tied from the ceiling! You always manage to be so creative on a budget!

ffordd y drindod said...

What do you mean it's not flash central!?

Looks completely lovely and I'm totally jealous of anyone who gets to stay there. I also pray everyone who stays there feels God's presence shown through your love and hospitality...but I'm still a bit jealous!

Leanne said...

Just gorgeous!! I love what you have done....x

Jess said...

Lusi! I feel like I'm reading my own blog! Go you bargain hunting fiend! I've been soooo lazy with my own blog I think I might have to feature this post of yours if you don't mind!


frills and spills said...

Looks amazing Lus!!! I'm sure any guest would feel super comfy in there :)

Jas xx

lusi said...

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments :)

Jess - I'd be honoured mate.

Love to you all,
Lus x

Anonymous said...

Hi Lusi

You might not remember me but we meet online a couple of years ago through a scrapbooking web site called Scrap Pile. I also think we meet one day about 2 years ago at Penrith at a scrapbooking store called Fred the Needle, and I'm a friend of Beth Jarrett's.

Anyway I sometimes read your blog (am hoping that's ok) and I just wanted to leave a message to say hello again.

Our home computer has been out of action for some time so it's been ages since I've got in touch with any scrapbooking friends on the web.

I'm loving all your recent photos of the changes you have been making around your home (decorating ideas etc). Thanks for sharing. I too have been trying a few new ideas that don't cost too much.

I bought some picture frames last week end from Go Lo and plan to set them up in my craft room to give me something nice to look at instead of a plain wall.

Bye for now, have a great week and keep smiling. From Susan McGuire (aka smiles1965) :)

If you'd like to reply my email is

Nat said...

Oh wow honey, that's totally gorgeous!! You are amazing!! Miss you so much!!!


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