Friday, September 3, 2010

Our Shabbat Shalom Song

Edited to add....the vid didn't load properly but i will try again using youtube later

Shabbat Shalom!
May the peace of Yahweh, our Elohim (God) be with you all!

Tonight just before I served up dinner, we gathered in the loungeroom and God gave me a sweet little song for Shabbat. The children picked it up as soon as I started singing it. I decided to record it before I forgot it but when I did, the children went a bit wild! So here is the second take (hence why at the end of it Ethan says, 'were we good that time?' lol!). We seriously had only sung it all the way through twice before this. The cutest part as I was rewatching this tonight was Ethi starting off with, 'this is a song about Shabbat which is today um tomorrow i mean tonight' lol - we are still getting the hang of Sabbath!!! So sweet :) Such a cutiepie :)

Anyway, disclaimers aside, here we are (Brett was leading at youth) singing, "Shabbat Shalom".

Shabbat Shalom x 4

May you be blessed
As you enter into His rest x2

Shabbat Shalom x 4

Pretty simple hey?
Hope you sing-a-long.
Hope you have an incredibly blessed Sabbath rest in our awesome God!
I love thinking about how we get a taste each week of what eternal rest with Him is going to be like - only so much richer + deeper!

Love Lus x
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ffordd y drindod said...

We love it and have it in our heads as we go about our day. Thankyou for posting and sharing you lives dear friends.
Love you A LOT
Anth xx

frills and spills said...

Awww!!! That was beautiful - thanks for sharing :)

Jas xx

YahKheena said...

Shalom, we enjoyed your song and are going start singing it on Shabbat, thanks for sharing.

lusi said...

Anth, love you both! Am glad you enjoyed it my dearest friend!

Hi Jas! Lovely to see you mate. Hope you are well :)

And Yahkheena, shalom and welcome! Thanks for your comment + am glad you and your family ejoyed singing the song.

Love to you all,
Lus x

Anonymous said...

Love it Lus.
Jeremiah came over to me as soon as he heard the music and wanted 'up' (picked up). He clapped along with your kids and I kid you not, by the end he was singing 'babat'(Shabbat). When the song was done, he got down and walked out of the office singing 'babat, babat' and clapping. Never too young to praise the Lord!!!

kathy said...

It's beautiful lusi :)

lusi said...

Kristin, I LOVED what you shared about Jeremiah! That is so sweet! Hope you are doing well honey. Love and blessings my friend.

Thanks Kathy!!! See you next week - yay!

Anonymous said...

How sweet to see little Zippi clapping along....what a joyous song! Gail O


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