Thursday, September 2, 2010

Yay... It's Preparation Day!

The day before Shabbat (Sabbath) is known in the Bible as Preparation Day.

Way back in Exodus 16, Yahweh told His people that, "On the sixth day they are to prepare what they bring in {manna}, and that is to be twice as much as they gather on the other days (v5)".

In Luke 23:54 we read, "It was Preparation Day, and the Sabbath was about to begin". Other verses that mention 'Preparation Day' are John 19:14, Mark 15:42 and there are a stack load of others.

So, for me, the day before Shabbat is a time to prepare. I prepare my heart + my home for rest. I want to make the most of my rest time on Shabbat so I try and do as much as I can the day before. I might not get all of the tasks ticked off my list but that's ok! Of course, I'm not legalistic about it. If I need to do something on Sabbath then I will but I try to do as much before hand. Like, i might still sweep up after we eat on Shabbat but I choose to do my heavy vacuuming work another time. I also love that Preparation Day is a picture of the season that I believe we are all in now - preparing our hearts + lives before Abba (Father) before we enter into His eternal rest.

Again, this is NOT a salvation issue! It's just a great thing that Yahweh built into our week so that we mama's can enjoy some rest too! What a beautiful picture of His care + grace for me :)

So...I'm wondering if you would like to join me in a regular Preparation Day meme? I'm going to outline some of the tasks I'm going to try and tackle each Prep Day. Making a list helps me to stay foucssed on the jobs at hand. What about you? Do you do any regular jobs or special work to help you prepare for Shabbat rest? Wanna join in???

On this Preparation Day, I'm so excited because my sisters are both flying in from interstate and we are spending the weekend hanging out together + with my family! Can't wait to see them + to see them catching up with our kiddos!

Just a small disclaimer added in here: While I make plans for my day I firmly acknowledge that the Ruach ha Kodesh (The Holy Spirit) can + often does lead me in a totally differnt direction as the day rolls on. My day is in His hands! "A man makes plans in his heart but YWHW determines His steps" Proverbs 16:9. With that said, I still enjoy making plans + lists (but with a flexible attitude behind it! ;) )
So tasks for me today:

* Hang up frames in the spare room
* Clean out the fridge
* Clean off the back table
* Fold + put away any clothes in baskets (and ahem there are a few)* Clean big glass doors
* Tidy up laundry shelves
* Wipe down the inside of the microwave
* Write up the meal plan for the week ahead
* Shabbat cooking/baking - scones, cut up vegies for the minestrone soup, chicken + pear + saffron dish for tonight, cut up vegie box for snacking tomorrow
* Sort through the blue boxes on the learning room table
* Filing cabinet swap over? - will do another day now
* Vacuum rooms - will do another day
* Mop floors - will do another day
* Update Homeschooling Diary
* Clean Kitchen from morning baking/cooking/painting/dinosaur model constructing!!!!

Once I've done these tasks, I'll highlight them in red + the ones I'm leaving for another time or that I've kind of tried to do will be coloured in blue.

I'd love you to join in! Just share your own Preparation Day post on your blog, call it 'Yay It's Preparation Day!' and link to this post if you can (no worries if you can't!) Then type your blog details in the Mr Linky Widget box below.

Hope you have a lovely + productive Preparation Day!

Love + blessings,
Lusi x


singing mama said...

Lovely Lusi I will absolutely love the idea of linking up my preparation day :) it is so helpful to prepare our hearts and minds for sabbath and to encourage us to focus on Yahweh. I will try to link next week I may not get a chance to link for today. Enjoy your weekend with your lovely sisters! Shabbat shalom! Donna

Mommy Set Free said...

I have remind myself of our time difference! I do not have a grip on it. We are just starting our Prepday morning here (7:30 am Central Time USA)...but the sun might be setting about now for you...I think. SHabbat Shalom! :-)

lusi said...

Hi lovely Donna! Hope you have a lovely prep and shabbat mate. Looking forward to your link up next week (or whenever - no pressure!) Love to you x

And hi 'Mommy set free' (pamela?) Sorry i'm still trying to learn all my new blogging friends real names! Thanks for your comments. Hope you had a great Shabbat. Love Lusi x

lusi said...

And I forgot to write yesterday, thanks to Andi + Sigalit for joining in!


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