Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Our first week with Zippi has looked a little like this....

Firstly, thank you so much for every comment left welcoming our little Zipporah into the world. We read every one and were very touched by your words and uplifted through your prayers.

So what has our girl been up to? Lots of sleeping.... (she mostly needs to be woken for feeds - especially through the night. This has been such a blessing as I've been getting used to feeding. It's also presented its own challenges with engorgement. Praise God though that so far she is a settled baby!)

When she's not asleep on the lounge or on our bed, she's asleep in the ERGO BABY CARRIER which I would HIGHLY recommend to anyone! We bought a newborn insert for it yesterday (on sale!) and I was even able to feed her in it in the morning. We went on a big family outing yesterday that literally lasted the whole day but was fantastic! We were able to get loads of things done, hang out together, have lunch, and visit grandparents! Thanks mum and dad for a beautiful dinner!It hasn't all been smooth sailing though. I really struggled with feeding this week. I know these first 2 weeks are the hardest. I got an early bout of mastitis and was very engorged. The meds i took for the mastitis seem to be working. Thank you Karen Day and others who have rung, emailed, texted and prayed for me for this. Many of you know how much I have desired to feed and I am so thankful that we seem to have turned a corner with it. Brett has been awesome praying over me and holding my hand through almost every single feed. Mum and dad were here from Thursday to Sunday evening and they were both exceptionally supportive too; mum getting warm compresses and encouraging me and dad praying as i cried. So blessed to be so well supported. Sumi was also exceptional in her support of my worries and pains and desire to nurse. I am so thankful for your love and non judgemental support mate.

The kids were taken for 3 days and nights by my inlaws which was such a blessing. Brett's sister even took a whole week off work to help out where needed! I could focus on feeding and healing, crying when i needed to, sleeping when i needed to as well. The munchkins of course thought it was the ants pants to be over there having a little holiday! While they were gone, Brett and I managed to get me to the dr's for the mastitis meds and even ate breakfast at our fave little cafe while Zip slept. We had a few visitors, although I've been able to ask people to wait until we are a little more settled in and everyone has been so understanding of that. Once upon a time I would have been to scared to ask for that. lol :) Here are some of the beautiful flowers we were given (i LOVE flowers!) from the McPhails...

from the Blackers...

from my parents...(they have a tradition that they send boxed flowers for each grandchild's birth to the hospital)

We've been blessed with so many gifts from many people and many gifts have come from my beautiful online friends which we thank you for! Especially thank you my Natti for all the MCN's you made/bought/sent! We are just so blessed by your help with them mate. Love you!

Here is a special gift. I got three gorgeous hand embroidered singlets sent my Aunty Iris who has been like a grandmother to me my whole life. She is getting on in years now but has made a gorgeous handsewn gift for each of our children. I treasure these so much...

Rachie from my mother's group always bakes something special for us in the days following a birth and despite our kids' diets, Rach still made a yummy *safe* slice for our family :)

Also this week was Zipporah's first bath. It is always a special little milestone in our house...

Loving daddy did the honours...

At one point early on, the Domicillary midwife did a heel prick and Zippi didn't even flinch. When it was repeated in the same spot (to check her billirubin level for jaundice) and she didn't react again, there was a slight concern that she might need to go back to hospital ang go under lights for phototherapy treatment. She'd also had very few wet nappies that day which was also a bit of a concern. So we got praying even more and within an hour, the pathology lab results came back saying her billirubin level was well within normal limits and she'd also done a huge wee! That was the only time we had that concern because since then she's had plenty of wet and dirty nappies - yay! We thank God for answering our prayers so swiftly. You know how they can lose ten percent of their birth weight? Well Zip could have lost 300 grams but only lost 100 and then put 40 grams of that back on by day 5. Yay!

I'm reminded of that beautiful verse Ephesians 3:20-21

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.

Here is our precious girl hanging out on our bed...

And big sis loving on her little sis...

Other happenings this week include Brett altering my old buffet and hutch which has been acting as a bookshelf for a number of years. It now matches the altered sewing table that Brett & the kids did for me a while back. We got this from the council chuck out some years back and it has been lovely in the longe room. Will post a pici when it is back again in the house. Thanks honey for doing that for me. I really love it :) ...

Today I was so blessed to have a visit from my dear friend of many years, Sumi with her gorgeous kids. It was so lovely to have a wonderful time hanging out and chatting and laughing and eating! She handmade gorgeous fabric bags for each of the kids and had little activity packs for each of them inside. So thoughtful! And she's so beautiful inside and out!

Here's her beautiful son...

and while the girls were playing on the trampoline, my boys were doing what boys LOVE to do best - get dirty! They tried out their new gumboots...

and squelched mud between their fingers, shaped it into mud balls and...

pegged it against the retaining wall!

...before having a warm shower and yummy pancakes (thanks Aunty Sum for flipping them all!) with icecream and syrup!

And here are just some of the beautiful gifts we've recieved to help welcome our little Zippi girl :) Again, so thankful to God, our family and friends and blessed beyond measure...

5 things I am thankful for to the Lord today:

1. Time hanging with Sumi, skpying with Anth

3. All the nappies from Natti!

4. Liji getting over an ear infection and not being overly affected by the antibiotics - yay!

5. Brett cooking dinner and us being able to move the lounge room around tonight (ok so Brett did the moving I did the holding of the baby!)

God bless you in the days ahead :)


singing mama said...

Hello Lovely Lusi :)

What a lovely first week as a 'new' family you seem to have had. how beautiful is your new little one, so precious!!
I am so praising God that your mastitis is clearing up and that you have had so much support to feed! he really is covering you with His angels, heavenly and earthly!
We are so looking forward to meeting little Zippi but have really wnated to give you time to have a babymoon.
I pray that this next week is even more peaceful then the last and that you can continue to eat sleep feed and cry when you need to!!

Love to you
Luv Donna

Anonymous said...

Well done Lusi for getting out and about. You all seem to be doing really well with your new addition.

Hope to catch up soon.

Kaz xx

Anthea said...

Lusi, so good to hear that all is going well. I pray that the breastfeeding gets easier for you. I too had alot of difficulties feeding. My son only got 5 weeks of feeding, but my daughter mangaged to get about 10 months me...the first few months were awful. An old tip for the engorgement....try putting cold cabbage leaves over your breasts....I am not sure that it really ever worked - but it still makes us laugh today that I actually tried it!!! I could probably write a book at some of the things I tried for my BF problems...! Zipporah is just beautiful....! God Bless.

lusi said...

thanks anthea! have used cabbage leaves this time and with our last child too and they do seem to help don't they!
the funniest thing i've tried this time is feeding zippi upside down (to face her chin to the lumps at the top of the breast) so that her legs come over my shoulder when i'm lying down and her nose is pointing towards my toes! it looks a sight but it has really helped! no signs at all of mastitis now! praise God!
love lusi x

Sumara said...

Oh gosh, I'd forgotten how awful I look with my hair all up! Oh well, at least my kids are always gorgeous!

We had such a great day yesterday, it was fabulous to see you. I wished I could have done more to help you out, but I know Bretski is looking after you so well! Good bloke he is!
I hope your older ones weren't too hyped up from the stimulation... mine all fell asleep on the way home!

Noel's mum asked about you today and is thinking of you. ... She also gave me a bit of lecture, when I talked about our diet, about how "behaviour management" is a parent's "whole job" and you can't blame things on diet... yeah, thanks for the encouragement...

Hey... once Charlie can sit up in a seat and Zippi's in a high chair, we shall come visit and we'll all take up your whole dining table! There are 11 of us, Lus!

Nat said...

I've been waiting and checking a few times a day for an update and more pics of your gorgeous girl! I hate being so far away and not able to drop you a meal or get a snuggle with little Zippi. Great to hear that the power or God is moving through all your obstacles so far honey. Will keep praying for you all. Lotsa love xxx

Karen Day said...

hi lusi!

oh my goodness u are bringing back memories of starting to breastfeed. i remember the cracked nipples where u literally CANNOT breath for the first about 20 seconds of each feed. eeeeooouuch!! i was silly enough to think that itd be easier with kid #2 - but i got that both times unfortunately. takes 2 to 3 weeks to go, but after that it was smooth sailing for me.

sorry to hear about your bout with mastitus. eeeek! horrible stuff! I was blessed to never have gotten that, but im sure I came close to it once when my boobs were so ... so ... SO ... sore. but after a hot shower, a breastpump, and a breastfeed they were fine again.

i hope the pain is starting to ease for you.

i was sad when my kids weaned themselves. brianna was 15 months and liam was 17 months. i had sooo loved that special bonding time. i remember crying when liam weaned as he is my last baby.

im glad you are enjoying your first weeks with Zippi. she is SUCH a cutie with all that hair. shes making me all clucky! and im not sposed to be clucky! haha. i love the look of ur baby carrier. i had two of these - - and they were fab cos its so hot here. its got mesh walls so lets all the air through. but then i just lined it with a thick bunny rug in winter.

take care. ill continue to pray that things go smoothly, that breastfeeding will become easier with less pain, and that you get heaps of rest.

God bless

xxx K

Rebecca Vavic said...

WOW... sweets I am sorry to hear about the booby situation :)

I had a similar situation with Joshua... called my bestie on her way over to get me some cabbage leaves... freeze them, they are AMAZING. Seriously, no joke!

THEN I did get a couple of reoccuring bouts of mastitis... we ended up having some "ultrasound" therapy... see what your Doc thinks?

Thanks for sharing these pics, you are so cute and look wonderful. As for Zippy... she is amazingly GORGEOUS.

Love to you, Brett, Stass, Ethi and Liji.

BTW... I am still making your pressie's :)


Carolina said...

So glad you're settling in well Lusi. Thinking of you and praying your feeding continues to go well and that Little Zippy continues to go from strength to strength in your arms and in the arms of our Heavenly Father.

singing mama said...

BTW Lovely Lusi, Ive been meaning to ask you, what camera do you use? We need a new one, but I would like to actually get a good one this time and I noticed your photos always look good. Now this could be due more to the wonderful photographer then the camera, but even so I would love to know what camera you use.

Luv Donna

lusi said...

Hi everyone,
thanks for all the encouragement and tips about nursing - greatly appreciated :)
Hi Donna! We have a Nikon 60D which is a digital slr. It's a great camera and we bought it with a twin lens kit which means you get two different lenses for it - one that we use for normal everyday shots and one that you use when you want to zoom in nice and close :)
Hope that helps mate!
Love Lus x

Jamie said...

Hi Lusi,

I was just looking through your lovely blog and I happened upon this post. The Book by Elise called A Mother's Touch, Elise lives near me and spoke at our church. I believe that she and her family were missionaries in Australia. Small world.


lusi said...

Hi Jamie!
What a small world indeed!!! I'm amazed! Please tell Elise her book encouraged this little Aussie mamas heart last year! How are you going Jamie?
Love Lusi x

Peterson Party said...

Aww, she was so tiny :) Can you believe in just a few months you'll be holding another tiny baby in your arms? Amazing! Was Zippi the first that you breastfed? I see you made mention of wanting to breastfeed her, etc. How are you feeling? Will you be finding out the gender of the new baby before birth? Did you get your computer fixed/pictures recovered? I am missing the updates!

lusi said...

Hi Cara!

I can hardly believe that we are going to be having another little one here again! It's so exciting and such a blessing.
I breastfed all the kids to some degree...Zip was my longest. I fed her till 9.5 months. I have a small storage and have had a terrible time feeding the kids over the years...even though I have desperately wanted to. In the past I have suffered terribly from mastitis. I have had an auto-immune disease in the past and so are much more suceptible to things like mastitis. Whenever I get a baterial-related fever, I have very little ability to fight the infection (since I do not have a spleen) and so often end up in hospital on a drip for several days. There are many documented cases of people getting fevers and infections without spleens, leaving them untreated and dying within 2 days. That said, breastfeeding, I believe, is a gift to us from God and one that I want to be able to use! So my challenge in pre-birth preparations is usually reading lots and lots about breastfeeding!
I'm not sure if we will find out the gender of bubba just yet. We will see. What about you guys? I'm so excited for you!
Love to you all.
Lus x


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