Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Some photos...

A photo we took on Brett's birthday. We always try and get at least one shot of us together on our birthdays. I think there'd almost be a mini album's worth which might be a nice project for our 10th wedding anniversary coming up next year :)

Here's the roll top desk that Brett has been working on for me. We got it a couple of weeks back now for $40 which i thought was a really good deal! But the pine look just wasn't quite working so Brett suggested we paint it and sand it back to give it the shabby look i love...

the kids got in and helped...

love this shot of cracker...
Brett taught them how to safely bang in some nails and they were all MEGA excited about that!

He's such a good teacher and it's one of the things I'm loving about homeschooling - seeing Brett teach the kids in lots of ways...

And here it is almost finished in the garage...

And here it is in the corner of our loungeroom all nice and tucked away... I've got plenty of room for my papers and things in the craft station which we got from Kmart last year (thank you Mr Rudd) and on top of that is a cute basket i got from the salvo's which houses all my pieces of fabric that i have grand plans for! :) Inside the black boxes on top of the desk are 1. Buzz and Bloom embellishments/stamps, 2. Ribbons 3. Random embellishments used to make quick cards. I got that white stool about 2 years ago during council chuck-out and i love it - not strong enough to sit on but often i have a small stack of books or something shabby sitting on it...
And the whole purpose of the desk? To hide away my new sewing machine from little fingers. I love how the back of the desk has that little shelf which holds all my recycled salsa jars filled with different kinds of teeny tiny embellishments...Thanks chop I love this desk!
Yesterday the kids enjoyed a 'teddy's tea party' after we'd had morning Bible, memory verses and a little renactment style drama. While the boys set it all up, I asked Stass to choose an appropriate book to read and she chose 'The Teddy Bear's Picnic'! Here they are all set up ready to begin...

Liji really got into the whole role of taking care of his teddies...

And here is chook reading the story aloud to us all...

I also read aloud The Tram to Bondi Beach' which is a really sweet story.

Afterwards, the boys packed up (unprompted!!!) and Stass began working on her own story about her teddy. We talked about the construction of a story using a problem and a solution. She brainstormed ideas, wrote up a plan and made the booklet. She started writing out the 'good copy' with illustrations. It will get completed over the next week but last night I was really pleased when I asked her what things we had spoken about that day to do with story writing, that she could recite alot back in context! I'm still so excited about seeing how my kids learn and how this love for learning is really developing in them :)

Our friends from SOF, Sal and Mark, welcomed their little man Noah into the world yesterday 5 weeks early. We are so happy for them and still upholiding them in prayer. Love to you guys!

Last night I got to the mum's chat night for the Christian Homeschooling group that I am apart of. It was so lovely meeting more mums there and of course I got to see Donna which was wonderful too! We are catching up today :) Yay! It was lovely to have a time of prayer and chatting with such warm hospitality from Wendy and the many others gathered. I am so thankful to God for these women :)

5 things I am thankful to the Lord for today:

1. New friends

2. Answered prayers and perfect timing

3. Mark 6

4. The oppportunity to homeschool our kids

5. Blogging friends :)

Thanks for popping in and God bless you!

Love Lus x


Zarna said...

Tram to Bondi Beach has to have been one of my favourites during Early School days!

Anonymous said...

Love the desk!! Thanks for your messages....I love getting them. :)

Need to catch up soon, its been toooo long.

Kaz :)

Sharmaine said...

Love what they did with the desk Lusi! Love the goggled photo!!!
THanks for the news on Sally, hope they all do well.
Enjoy the weekend :)

Mel said...

Hi Lovely,
so sorry I haven't been to visit lately!!Been thinking of you guys heaps..Your desk looks amazing! Glad your teeth issues are sorted!I'd love to catch up soon if you have a minute!
Love to you & your beautiful family!

Christine said...

love the photo of Elijah in the should frame that!



singing mama said...

Hi Lusi :)
I so enjoyed today! I cannot begin to say how blessed by God I feel in meeting you! Its so like he knew just what I needed (cause He does LOL) anyway, thanks again for a lovely day!

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hope your weekend is not too hectic and praying for you and your fam!

Luv Donna

Gayle said...

YAY!! I can post comments again...woohoo!
Hey your desk looks great...thats my sister's style.
Have a fantabulous weekend!


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