Thursday, September 6, 2012

VIDEO: Delivering Ezekiel - Calm, Loving, Joyous and Worshipful Homebirth

So, Zeeki was one yesterday. I was watching his birth video and realised that I could cut and share a small portion of it. This was the most intense part of my labour with him.
The following is the description I've added to go with it on Youtube:

Our 5th child (first homebirth) was born in home in the water after only 34 minutes of labour from the very first contraction until when he was in my arms. (If you search for Ezekiel's 34 minute labour you'll find a slideshow that my photographer Mell Mallin put together).
This video records the last couple of minutes of labour and our family welcoming him into our lives earthside. We had candles lit and so the recording is very blurry as the camera couldn't focus in the dark conditions.
Present in the room at this point are me, my hubby, our kids, my midwife Hazel, my photographer Mell Mallin and my parents. Later my SIL arrives but I've cut this video short 'till just after Zeeki is born.
The room was so calm and peaceful with worship music playing as he entered the world. We really felt Yah (God) was with us the entire time.
You can hear me say, "He's here, he's here, I think he's almost here" just before he arrives and then calmly say, "Thank you Yah" as I reach down to bring him out of the water. I am sharing this to encourage others that birth can be calm, joyous, peaceful and loving.
That's not to say I didn't have a birth-song...I did but it was still gentle. Zeeki was born into a room filled with love and encouragement while the Word of God was being read aloud by my mum.
We praise YHVH for His goodness!

It was such a peaceful experience even though it was painful.
More another time,
Lus x


kathy said...

That is beautiful lusi. Thanks so much for sharing. What a joyous moment you have captured forever :)

Elisa said...

That was awesome Lusi! Absolutely beautiful. Elisa x

singing mama said...

Such an absolutely AMAZING moment Lusi! Praise Yah indeed! Tears in my eyes, just so precious!!
Luv Donna

Gabriel's Sentiments said...

Haven't had a chance to really dig into all that you have on your site.. I could probably spend hours! Came across it tonight while searching for Messianic homeschooling stuff.. I'm a fellow natural minded, homebirthing, Torah observant momma (with thoughts of homeschooling.. :) Seriously though - can you believe there are others out there!? Looking forward to reading more!


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