Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Brett's Brother-From-Another-Mother Dan and Aunty Bim

Many moons ago, Brett lived way out west.
He formed a friendship there that would stand the test of time, adversity and geography.
We hadn't seen Brett's best mate Dan for over 6 years (since he came, travelling 10+ hours to surprise Brett for his 30th birthday) and we hadn't seen Dan's Mum, Aunty Bim since our wedding day.
We got word that Dan had made the semi-finals playing about 3 hours away from us so we decided that we'd rock on out there to support him and have a catch-up!
It was so wonderful to see him again and for him to meet Zippi and Zeeki for the first time.
{Zeeki, who has had major anxiety when meeting new people was TOTALLY relaxed in both Dan and Aunty Bim's arms. I think he knew he was with family ;) } 
We didn't know Aunty Bim was going to be there.
When she saw Brett, she embraced him, like a mother a son, and they both cried (and so did I! I know how much Aunty Bim means to Brett and it was very special to be with her once again).

 {Catching up like no time has passed at all! Brett and Aunty Bim have a laugh.
The last time we saw her was on our wedding day when we had a 7.30am breakfast wedding. Aunty Bim and Red had driven through the night in order to get there in time. They made it, stayed for our vows and we didn't even know they were in the crowd until right at the end when Brett spotten them as we walked down the aisle. He cried and I knew, even though I hadn't met them yet, that it was them! Aunty Bim told us this day, almost 12 years later, that she couldn't hold it together she was so emotional! It was so wonderful of them to make the 10+ hour trip to be there for our wedding; something we will NEVER forget}

{Dan rips it up the field - go #6!}
{Aunty Bim and Zeeki having a special cuddle}

{Dan's team - although they didn't win on the day, they played really well.}
{Having a last photo together before saying goodbye. Wished we could have stayed and chatted all day!}

{Two brothers embracing}

{Once they were teens together; now they have partners, are daddy's and strong men.}
We love you Dan and Aunty Bim x

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Tara said...

I love seeing my hubby with his great mates who encourage and edify him so beautifully.


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