Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Zeeki's Birth Letter

It's a tradition that I've managed to keep up for all the kids; just after they are born I've written them a letter. I write a letter to them when they are in utero too but I thought today, on Zeeki's first birthday, I would share the letter I wrote to him a short time after he was born.
Our darling son, Ezekiel Qelevuki Austin...you are here at last!
We are so thrilled that you have come to join us little man. We praise our Awesome Creator for your precious life!
What an amazing experience your birth was son; our first homebirth!
You were welcomed into a room so filled with love, joy and shalom!
The labour itself took only 34 minutes and was incredibly intense but man was it worth it! I got to announce to everyone as you were crowning, "He's crowning" and then within less than a minute I was saying to the world, "He's here! He's here!"
Hazel, our beautiful midwife and friend said, "Lean forward and catch your baby!" and I did!!! You came from my womb straight into my arms of love my sweetheart.
Dad and the kids were all there cheering and praising Yah as you came out of the water and so were Naui and Pupu!
Naui kept saying over and over, "Praise Yah! Praise Yah!" and indeed we were all praising Him! Everything was so relaxed - beautiful worship music playing, kisses being placed gently on your forehead, candles lit, Sulley giving cuddles and Mell taking stunning photos of your first precious moments of life.
Oh darling, we can't wait to continue this journey of life with you now in our family!
May you grow to know the grace, faithfulness, love and mercy of El and the hope we have through Yahshua.
We will always love and cherish you and do our best to raise you in Yehovah's ways.
Yah bless you always little Ezekiel.
Love Mum (and Dad and the kids!) xxxxxx

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So beautiful...!


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