Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Preparing for Yom Teruah {Feast of Trumpets} 2012: Making our centrepiece....Two Silver Trumpets!

Yom Teruah (Day of Blowing or The Feast of Trumpets) is one of the special feasts that God set apart for His people. The special feast days are given to us by Yah to help us remember him, to come together to celebrate and for us it has been a beautiful way of sharing our love for Him with our family and with others.
As we prepare this year, I thought it might be cool to make our own trumpets as our centrepiece. I was inspired by the Spirit of God to do this after reading the chapter in Numbers 10 about how 2 silver trumpets were used for a number of reasons. This set our theme for this year's feast which is;
Go! Gather! Battle! Celebrate!
This paints a glorious picture of what we hold to as our hope that Yeshua will return and we will those 4 keys things (go, gather, battle and celebrate) will all happen at the end of the age also!
More to come on this soon!
I thought I'd share a link to THIS SITE which had some great ideas; making paper mache shofars out of toilet rolls or foil.
In the meantime, here is what we did to make our own trumpets (and they work too!)
You'll need:
* A funnel
* Some old hose or pipe
* Silver electrical tape
* Cotton and tassels to decorate (optional - ours are still plain right now)
If your hose is too small, cut a little slit in one end to open it enough for the funnel to fit on the end. Use the tape to hold it in place.
Otherwise, shape it so that the hose forms a loop and then start taping it up!
{Um...nope, it's not for sucking people's brains''s for making a trumpet! lol ;) }
{Liji fits the hose into the slit we cut because the hose opening was too narrow}
{Stass and Ethi work on their trumpet together}
{Covering the funnel}
{Um, nope...not for a moustache either mate ;) }
{Taking it outside to have a works!}
All ready as our centre pieces for our celebration!
More to come very soon!
Blessings and love,
Lusi x


Michelle said...

Wow what a great job guys!
Looked like a lot of fun was had.

Andi said...

Love it! Thank you for the wonderful links too in the other post! awesome!


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