Sunday, July 8, 2012

Preparing For Fiji: A Book about Us; A Gift for Nau and A Record of the Kids' Expectations

So before we left, as a last little homeschooling exercise and preparation help, the kids made a little book about themselves to give to Nau (my grandmother).

It had photos and drawings along with some writing about their fave meals, outdoor activities, books, etc.
I thought it would be a nice handmade gift for my Nau.

Two days before we left for Fiji, I also got the kids to sit down with me at the computer and dictate to me what they were looking forward to about our impending holiday and what some of their expectations were.

Here's what Stassi (age 10) wrote:
 We are going to Fiji on Sunday. Today is Friday and I’m feeling very, very, very excited! I can’t wait to go to Fiji so I can see all the aunts and uncles, Nau Levu (great grandma) and my Nau and Pupu (grandparents). I can’t wait to go on a plane again.
It’s going to be very hot in Fiji and it’s very cold here at our place so I’m looking forward to the heat. I’m probably going to swim at the Grand Eastern Hotel.
I don’t know if I’m going to like the food there or not because it’s different. The town in Fiji is going to be different to Sydney because people don’t have a lot of money over there.
I’m probably going to see lots of coconut trees, lots of little huts, red and brown dirt.
I think the market place is going to be loud and there’s going to be lots of Fijian food.
In the village, I’m going to eat food on the floor, I’m probably going to wear lots of dresses and I probably won’t need any jumpers because that’s how hot it is going to be! We might go fishing with my Pupu.
I know a little bit about Fiji because Pupu is a great story teller!
I know we’ll never get to do this again as a family so that’s why I’m looking forward to it.
I’m taking three or four books with me for the plane so I can read on the plane because it might get a bit boring. We’ll probably get some meals on the plane and might get to watch a movie.
The main thing I’m looking forward to is swimming ‘cause you never do that at home and seeing Nau Levu. We went there once before but I can’t remember that but this time I will!
All of the kids wrote something and I printed it off as a little keepsake for them to be able to compare with their actual experiences of Fiji upon our return.
I'm so glad I did this!
Even little Zippi (aged 3) sat down and chatted with me about what she was expecting of her Fiji trip.

Here's what she told me:
In Fiji, I’m going to swim and play with Nau Levu and the kids and Sull.
Sull’s going to play.
Maybe it’ll look like Cinderella with dancing.
On the plane, our bags will fall out. I’m sitting next to Sull and Stassi.
I want to do dancing cuddle me in Fiji.
Well, I'm not exactly sure that we did 'dancing cuddle me' in Fiji although there was dancing and PLENTY of cuddles!
Oh yeah.
I'm REALLY glad our bags didn't fall out of the plane either.
lol :)
Lus x
PS: Photos of the actual trip will start appearing very soon ;)

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