Monday, July 9, 2012

25 Things to Make with Coconut Oil

I came across this link today from REVITALISE YOUR HEALTH which was:

I brought back 2 big jars of coconut oil from Fiji with me and can't wait to make some of the things listed in this link.
I'm including it here a) so I don't forget where the link came from
b) in case anyone else is interested in making some of the things listed here.

What have you made with coconut oil?
Lusi x

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Abbey said...

We are in love with coconut oil!! I use it in most sweet baked goods in place of butters and oils. I make healing salves and deoderant and we use it for lotion. I am in the process of making chemical free sunsceen with it.
Here is one of my new recipes for it they are very yummy! Healthy Peanut Butter Cups
You will love it! We love it spread on toast or crackers with bananas on top too! It is the BEST!


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