Thursday, July 26, 2012

Miss G's Birthday: Zippi's First Party

Zippi was invited to her first birthday party this month; her very special friend 'Miss G' was turning 5! Although Zippi is only 3, these two have alot in common and are great mates.
They are both the youngest girls of 5 children.
Tey both have a sibling on the Autism Spectrum
And they both have autism themselves.
They are gorgeous friends.
I'm so pleased Zippi has gotten to know someone who is alot like herself.

To say she was excited, is a HUGE understatement!

The party was for 2 hours, so I fed Zeeki and asked if Brett could watch him (we live one street away) so I could just go with Zippi. We were home in less than 2 hours as it turned out and Zeeki did beautifully.
I wasn't sure which way the party would go and wanted to be able to help her as best I could;
would she freak out at games and people or would she take it all in her stride?
I was thanking Yah afterwards that it was the latter ;)

Some snaps taken of Zip on our lawn in the special party skirt she had asked us to buy the week before especially for this party :)

{Zippi says when she looks at this picture... "hahahahaha Happy Face"}

{On our way walking to the party with some flowers especially picked by Zip for Miss G.}

{All the party girls doing craft together}

{The parents - all mates of mine- enjoying a cuppa and chat together}

{When it was time for Pass the Parcel, I realised that Zip had never seen this game before and therefore wouldn't know the rules and what was expected. I quickly explained to her what was going to happen and she did really well with it and enjoyed the game very much!}

{Miss G helping Zip unwrap her paper. When Liji went to a party by himeself many years ago (he hasn't been invited to one by himself since he was 4 and he's almost 9) he freaked out at some of the games. I couldn't work out then why he couldn't just 'get it' like all the other kids. His reaction was so over the top but looking back the poor kid didn't understand what was expected nor what the rules were. Now, I would do things SO different knowing how his brain works and would help him prepare much better. So obviously, I was really happy that Zip did so well coping at her first party}.

More happy party moments....

{Miss G holding the special birthday artwork that Liji had made for her}

I've included a heap of photos of the cake and things Chelle for you...

{The beautiful and happy Miss G!}

I'll be posting more Fiji photos too soon.
Have a lovely Shabbat and weekend ahead all x


Michelle @This is not what I signed up for said...

Oh Lus! What a fantastic record of such a special day! Thank you!!! I'm so glad Zip had a great time, and I am so glad she and MissG are friends. Much Love.

Peterson Party said...

So sweet :) And my girls would LOVE her skirt :)

singing mama said...

Oh man Zippi is just way too sweet, and she just looks so angelic in that skirt and so happy!! I'm so glad she had a good time. And yes the rules of party games can be so confusing for kids!! Lovely photos so nice that you could do that!! LUV DONNA

lusi said...

My pleasure mate! It was such a lovely afternoon! It makes me so happy that they have each other as friends. Much love x

lusi said...

Thanks Cara! Hope you guys are all well! I send my love x

lusi said...

She really was so happy that afternoon! It's one that will stay in my mind for a long time. Thanks beautiful Donna x


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