Saturday, July 28, 2012

Learning Around Here This Week...

This week we were without daddy for most of the week who went out to the house with Poppy to lay the chipboard yellow tongue and groove sheets along with cut out the archway and put up the lintel. Great job boys!

We had swimming lessons. Kids are LOVING their classes and teachers and especially love meeting with 15 other homeschooling kids each week!

Zip, Zeeki and I visited a new playgroup this week too.

{We read through more of our read a loud 'Henry and the Clubhouse'.
The boys made a cosy clubhouse of their own this week in the backyard.}

{Checked out Chapt 22 of our Story of the World; life in Ancient Sparta and Ancient Athens. Made knuckles to play out of the Ancient World book and some air dried clay and painted them up.}

{Stass' 3 new books - from the Little House on the Prairie series- The Rose Years- arrived. There are over 200 pages in one book and over 300 in the other two. Stass enjoyed reading through all 3 this week! I must say that it's one thing I lOVE about our learning-at-home journey; the time afforded to the kids to be able to read or do things that really interest them. She was so happy to have finished each one.}
{Liji had an assessment for visual dyslexia at the Alison Lawson clinic here. We are hopeful this may help him at some stage. Just trying to work out when to start.}

{The kids made some NO BAKE ENERGY BALLS as a gift for Sulley (Dannii my SIL) who returned to work this week after an extended break. The boys wrote out the recipe in their new recipe books.}

{Stass wrote out the recipe for the cheesy chicken slow cooker meal we all made together on Wednesday.}

{I sewed up some bunting for the girls' room out of handkerchiefs from a play tea set the girls were given. They never use these from the set and they just always get trodden on when they play so I thought I might put them to another use ;) I just tacked the ends of the triangles together and threaded them onto some twine. Totally dodgy hand sewing but the girls liked them!
Simple but cute with their pink and purple butterfly curtains.}

{Our memory verses book got a work out this week.}

We took a bus and train ride to a town an hour away where Jas, our friend, was organising her first baby wearing meet. I wanted to go along and support her. Unfortunately, a lot of mums couldn't make it and my kids were the only big ones there. This always makes me feel a bit self concious since they are an energetic lot! 
It was lovely to catch up with Jas and Sophie though.

{They did, however, enjoy the train ride there. Zippi got quite overwhelmed and kept asking to go home.I felt overwhelmed too. This was the day I wrote the post 'You are not alone'.}

{Zippi still has to have two dummies like this to self soothe.}

{Babywearing means that I can still hold Zippi's hand, whilst carrying Zeeki on and off public transport.}

The kids started getting excited about the Olympic Games in London.

{Front cover of the OLYMPIC GAMES LAPBOOK that we made. Thank you Homeschool Share!}

{Stass with Sulley's help, looked up the athletic history of two of her favourite athletes; Lauren Jackson and Sally Pearson.}

{Inside we talked about the food pyramid and we are keeping track of Australia's medals. That little flap bottom right flips up and there are three columns for gold, silver and bronze medals.}

{Zeeki began crawling properly about 2 weeks ago and is now going to a push up position and has begun to pull himself up a little on furniture. Man time is flying by! In a month and a week, he'll be one!!! He loves this lovely and warm jumper Aunty Sumi gave him. Since he has been crawling, he's less anxious which is really great - for him and us! He's a gorgeous little boy whom we all adore.}

Liji has been asking for alot of deep pressure lately. For those interested HERE IS A LINK TO A PAPER BY TEMPLE GRANDIN WHO HAS A PH.D AND DEVELOPED NOT ONLY SYSTEMS USED IN AMERICA'S ABBATOIR'S AND CATTLE YARDS BUT ALSO DEVELOPED A SQUEEZE MACHINE TO CALM HERSELF. Over the years, we've used different tools to help with deep pressure; brushes, joint compressions, crab walks and other gross motor style activities and heavy work. I remembered that I had bought some lyrca from my mate Kaz a couple of years ago and whipped that out again. While I got the dinner on in the slow cooker that morning, Liji went to designing a body sock for himself on paper. He drew pictures of the tools we'd need too.
We measured him up and then he helped me assemble it.
I took a video of Liji using the sewing machine for the first time but can't seem to upload it here.

{Liji cutting the material.}

{The boys in their body socks.}

{Liji's has to be resewn now after the feet got holes in them but they really like these!}

{The kids enjoyed a game of scrabble with Nan after dinner one night. Nan, Sull and my lovely next door neighbour once again all came and pitched in while Brett was away. I'm so thankful for all their help.}

An invitation to craft: making cards

{An invitation to craft: making cards using foam letters, paper embellishments and double sided tape for Zippi.}

{Happy for ten minutes or so choosing from the bowls and adding to her cards.}

{Great fine motor skills}

I had a lovely night out with my 'M' girls...except we were missing Michelle :( Next time mate.

{Mell, Mel and Me}

{My yummy steak}

All in all another busy week full of learning experiences and faith-stretching experiences too!
More another time,
Lus x


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kathy said...

So much happening for you lusi. Its so much harder to do it all with your husband away! Those body socks look great! O can't believe a year has almost passed since zeeki was born! Crazy :)
A train and a bus trip alone with 5 your one brave lady ;))
Hope your well! Xx


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