Wednesday, July 25, 2012

You Are Not Alone

Dear Mama,
Your kids have been at each other all day; fighting and wrestling 'till someone cries and another wants to retaliate.
You are not alone.

Your house was clean not that long ago, well at least it feels like that, but today things are strewn from one end of the house to the other. It feels like it will take forever to clean it.
You are not alone.

You ask your children to do simple tasks. They backchat you, disobey and disrespect you.
You are not alone.

You feel overwhelmed by yet another dinner to cook, then another night of cleaning the kitchen along with tidying up the house. You ask yourself when the last time was that you remembered to clean the toilet bowl properly.
You are not alone.

You feel mama-guilt for putting on another dvd just so you can have 5 minutes peace without someone (or many) wanting you all at once. It's not that you don't love them because you do! This is your daily life and you give to them all the time. But sometimes you just want a little quiet.
You are not alone.

You are physically tired; aching feet and back from rocking and carrying little ones all day. You are drained creatively; there are only so many times you can sing twinkle twinkle little star with a happy face....really. You feel like a referee, a taxi, an advocate, a cheerleader, a team captain, a friend and a chef all at once. And all you'd really love to do is to curl up with a good book in a warm bath. Heck, you'd even be satisfied with a half hour of good quality adult conversation and a little sweet treat ;)
You are not alone.

(To those with autistic children) Your child has a massive meltdown in a very quiet place. You can't just up and leave. It is hard AGAIN. People look at you. You see their glares and feel the unspoken judgement. You've had people audibly utter things in the past about 'controlling the child' which makes you feel even more uncomfortable in this moment. You want to explain to each of them that this will pass. My child is ok but right now she's having a really tough time. You want to explain your journey but of course, they wouldn't hear you over the screaming anyway. Sigh.
You are not alone.

Mama, you are not alone. Today, I feel all those things too. Remember that when you are next breaking up a fight, preparing yet another healthy meal, trying your best to live out the ideals you hold closely to your heart. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Millions of other mums around the world experience days and moments like this. It's not to say it lasts forever. Joy will come in the morning! But when it is hard, gee it's good to know you are not alone.

Today has been a very tough day. It has had good moments for sure. My kids are awesome; full of life and energy. Full of love and compassion. Full of hope and faith. I love them with all my heart. But sometimes, raising kids is just plain hard.

I really am not alone. I have amazing and supportive friends with whom I know I can speak freely and they can empathise with our struggles and joyous victories (Donna!!!!). I have a wonderful and caring husband who is constantly willing to work on being the best man he can be, even when he stuffs up royally. I have an Amazing Messiah, Yeshua, with whom I can talk things over with (just as he talked on the road with the two disciples as they walked to the village of Emmaus after he rose again). I am blessed. And I know it.

I just want to remember that some days are harder than others.
And if you are having one of those days too, please know you are not alone.

I send my love,
Lus x


Reb said...

Lovely post Lus.

lusi said...

Ta mate. Heartfelt love my friend x

Sumara said...

Oh Lusi darling.
I was honestly thinking of calling you today, because I was having a shocking afternoon with T and wanting to a) whine about it, and b) ask whether and how you deal with outright hateful preteen attitude.
So how perfect are you, needing the same thing and knowing I needed it too. I do feel pretty damn alone sometimes.

You are such a delightful friend, I love you dearly.

lusi said...

I love you dearly too my Sumi!! I'm sorry you had a hard arvo with T. Honestly, some days really are just harder than others hey. And not feeling alone in that is a blessing I reckon. I decided tonight that tomorrow I'm going to just 'love bomb' the kids as best I can in ways that will be meaningful to them. Hoping it might help put things into a different light.
Anyway, love ya lots mate. I'm only a phonecall away (until one day soon when we'll be neighbours!!!) xo

Mariond said...

Lusi this is a beautiful post. Did you write it all? You have such great love and insight into your children. I wish I had known so much of this when my children were little. I have more insight now for my grandbabies, and your posts are great to help me with that too. love you


Michelle said...

((((Lusi)))) ♥

lusi said...

Thank you so much for your kind words Marion. I did write the whole thing yesterday afternoon just in response to how I was feeling after a very hard day. I pray it is encouraging for others.
May God bless you in your grand-parenting journey!
With much love,
Lusi x

lusi said...

Sorry Michelle! I didn't see your post there....thank you my friend. Love and hugs to you and yours as well xo

Carolyn :-) said...

A post after my own heart! I read it on my phone the day you posted it but couldn't seem to comment from my phone. I had a shocker that day and just being reminded that others have days like that too was enough to help me keep going. Thank you and hope your week got better :-)

Lisa Wood said...

I read this a few days ago and loved it! Then had to find it again tonight because I wanted to share it with another sweet mama who needs to know she is not alone :)

lusi said...

Thanks Carolyn! Hard days come don't they , but how wonderful to know we are not alone in our journeying?
Love lus x

lusi said...

Thanks Lisa for taking the time to comment and for forwarding this on to your friend.
Much love,
Lusi x


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