Friday, May 11, 2012


Well so much has been happening here and this much neglected blog has been forced to take a back seat.
I downloaded a blogger app so that I might be able to blog from my phone rather than sitting at the computer at night when I don't get enough spare time for that right now.
Thought I'd share some photos of things we've been up to recently...zippi's 3rd birthday, walks and scooter rides, our new 12 seater bus, hanging out with mates and a variety of other things. I haven't worked out how to add captions to photos yet but I'm sure I will soon ;-)
Not sure if anyone is still reading this but hi if you are!!!
Lus x


Andi said...

Wow! Very busy indeed! Love the BUS and cake is great too! Happy to have an is the house coming?

lusi said...

Hi Andi!!! Thanks for your lovely comment. The house is coming along slowly but surely...Yah has been teaching us alot about patience!!! Brett and his dad have laid the cement pads for the piers to go on. Next step is the piers, then the steel bearers and joists and then flooring! Can't wait till there is a floor in it again! In the meantime, I'm so thankful Brett is able to go out there (3 hours away) and work on it with his dad.
How are things your way? I'm afraid I haven't been keeping up too well with blogs. Sending my love to you sweet Andi!
Love Lus

singing mama said...

Hello :) always lovely to see photos of all you lovely austins have being up too :) Luv Donna

Anonymous said...

Hi Lusi,

It's lovely to hear what you have all been up too. Sounds like you guys have been very busy. That's a beautiful cake, hope Zippi had a wonderful birthday. Thanks for sharing. Love, Nadia xx

Leah-in-the-Kia said...

glad to see you blogging again! happy birthday to little zip and i love the bus! What a great idea, I bet the kids love it!!!

lusi said...

Hi Donna, Nadia and Leah! Thanks for dropping by!
Leah we are loving the bus! It was a HUGE bargain and blessing for us. Nadia, Zippi had a great birthday; thank you for asking. And lovely Donna, it's always great to hang and catch up with you!
Love Lus x

Karen L said...

Still love to come visit Lusi.. Love seeing the progress on your house too. Love your honesty, and keeping abreast with the Austin News.

sam said...

Im still reading! Love reading what you and your growing family get up too, love your honesty and love for your family. X

lusi said...

Thanks Karen and Sam!
Thanks for reading and for your kind words.
Love to you both x

Nat said...

Love seeing these pics. And all those of you makes me miss you so much, makes me wish it was ME with you at coffee and in the pics!! Sucks being so far away :( Love you and miss you.

lusi said...

Miss you too honey and so wish we could just duck out for a cuppa! Love ya x


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