Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Maternity Snaps

So a friend of mine was about 31 weeks pregnant when I took some shots of her as a keepsake by which to remember her gorgeous belly and this special time.
It is her first baby and she is such a joy to know!
Many of my fave shots are ones not appropriate to share online but she was comfortable for me to share these ones so here they are in no particular order.
My disclaimer: I like taking photos but am not a professional photographer not do I pretend to be one. I don't own Photoshop and only have access to very basic editing tools. These are just a wee attempt to help capture some memories in a candid way. 



There you go!
I have about 6 posts sitting in draft waiting to be edited which I'll get around to at some stage!
Most of them are about the feasts, some about adventures we've been on recently and one I can't actually yet bring myself to write but is about our journey with little Zippi girl. I'll get there soon enough. In the meantime, the lack of posting around here is just a sign that my day's goal is actually more based around survival strategies and that's ok. It's just where we are at right now and blogging doesn't quite rate as highly as that ;)
Anyway, I'll get back into it all at some stage soon.
More to come another time,
Lus x


Nat said...

They are so precious honey!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos Lusi! The expetant Mummy and Daddy must be thrilled with these :)
Xx Jessy

singing mama said...

Such beautiful photos Lusi! What a lovely gift for her to have such beautiful memories! You certainly have an eye for photography!! Luv Donna

Leah-in-the-Kia said...

Welcome back! Hope all is well love leah


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