Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Catch Up Post: Day 4 of Unleavened Bread 2012

What we did:
Day 4 was a lovely day with Donna and her beautiful crew popping in for a visit with us.
It was lovely to catch up, share our hearts and let the kiddos play together.
Donna inspires and encourages me in MANY ways.

(My lovely friend Donna and her Zephie Melon)

What we ate: For brekky I enjoyed some fried eggs, mushrooms, salsa, tomato, capsicum and cheese with my rice cakes.

Lunch: Salad and salad wraps

Afternoon tea: Some macaroons

And dinner was rice, tomato based pasta sauce, cheese and olives

What we read:

Brett read 2 Chronicles 30:13-27 about how Israel enjoyed the feast of Unleavened Bread so much at that time that they celebrated it for an extra week! Love that! It reminded us that despite any of our circumstances, He can help us change our focus and restore us to great joy!
He's so faithful!

More catching up to come!
Lus x

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