Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Catch Up Post: Day 5 Unleavened Bread 2012

What did we do?
Day 5 of Unleavened Bread was a fairly busy day!
We went had two big trips; one up the mountain and the other down and spent alot of the day in the car together.
We actually enjoy travelling in the car; Brett and I talk and play our 'your question' game where we ask questions of each other. We've been playing this little travelling game since before we were married and we still find it a wonderful way to connect and talk about deep stuff, silly and menial stuff too.
Zippi also had her Occupational Therapy assessment this day too.

What did we eat?
At dinner that night we enjoyed sitting around the table and we put on the Messiah You Tube vid that we also watched last year. We really love this little production.

We ate baked fish with tarte sauce and potato gems...

There's something special about sitting around the candle lit table as a family.
I think this is something that will remain with our kids for many years to come.

What we read:

We read from Leviticus 23 and Numbers 28 and Matthew 26:17-30

More catch ups coming!
Lus x
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Nat said...

I might have to invest in a pretty candelabra and have some candlelit dinners with my family too. Love it.


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