Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Catch Up Post: Day 3 Unleavened Bread 2012

On Day 3 of the Feast we went to Australiana Pioneer Village.
I hadn't been there since I was in Year 1 of infant's school but had such wonderful memories from being there. They reopened it last year I think it was and we've been talking about going for ages.
We decided it was such a nice day that we should all go down.
We took Nan, Pop and Sulley with us too in Betsy the Bus :)

We watched a You Tube video about what to expect there and the kids got all inspired and wanted to dress up too!

We didn't actually get a ride on the buggy but it sure looked like fun. I think the rides were only $2 each too!

Entry into the Village was about $5 per adult and about $2 a child I think and there were family passes too. It is run by volunteers who want to keep the historical treasure open especially for the younger generations.

The kids had a turn at cracking a whip!

Even Zippi got in on the action!

There was a Blacksmith there working.
Who knew you could study today at TAFE to be a blacksmith?!?! How cool!

Nan, Pop and Sull had a great time too :)
Was lovely to have them join in the day with us!

Petting a baby lamb (photo by Sulley)
I'd jumped online before we left to sus out food options and found that they had a very reasonably priced menu for some basic Aussie tucker!
The only thing we had to take into account was that the damper had raising agents in itand being the feast of Unleavened Bread we go without leaven. So we had the lamb shanks with boiled potatoes and mushy peas. Yum!

My lovely SIL Sull also took these next 3 photos...

You can go through the houses and look at how they may have been set up back then!
Some of the buildings were used in the filming of a mini series called Wild Boys.

The candy store had some yummy home made honey pops!
The kids loved these!

There was a little puppet show theatre with puppets that the kids could use at any time.
Ours put on a couple of plays.

The boys really enjoyed having a go at the water pump!

There was a little pond set up and the kids had a little gold panning experience with Sam the Prospector.

Taking home their fool's gold.

A lady was washing clothes the old fashioned way...
and invited the kids to have a turn too...

A little walk through the garden and our day was complete :)

When we got home we enjoyed a lovely chicken and corn slow cooker soup (thanks to my beautiful friend Donna for the recipe!)

Day 3 of Unleavened Bread was a BIG and FUN day!
More catch up posts to follow soon :)
Lus x

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