Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Home Again

We went out for a trip to our new place this past weekend.
I actually haven't been there this year at all but obviously Brett has been going out there with either his dad or sis or mum who have been so kindly helping.
Anyway, we took the kids out, caught up with the lovely Vandor's, mowed and raked the grass, fired up the bbq and enjoyed the sunshine!
Here are some snaps of our time there (just experimenting with some editing too so obviously it doesn't look as old school colour-wise in real life!).

Anyway, the snaps...


a cicada shell

oranges growing on our tree in the chook yard

just proof that i was there too! lol

beautiful Bridge with Zeeki

the big kids enjoying playing cards together

early morning cuddles in the caravan

me + my spunky man ;)

Liji having a great go at reading aloud the instructions for safe play on the caravan park's trampoline

playing tip together


Brett cooking me up some eggs for brekky

I do have more posts to share but again, they'll have to wait for another time!
In the meantime, thanks for the messages of love and support we've had recently.
Appreciating your prayers and thoughts.
More another time,
Lus x
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Nat said...

Looking good, and so nice you could all go out!! Did you take the Transit? I bet it was fabulous for long trips!!

Chrissy said...

How great you could go together as a family this time Lus! :) How is the inside coming along?

lusi said...

Certainly did Nat! Gave it a good run and it did beautifully! Yay! So much room man I still can't get over it! X

Hi Chrissy! Thanks for stopping by and for asking how the house is. The steel is next to go in and we're hoping that'll happen very soon. Bring on the rebuild I say!!!! X


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