Sunday, March 25, 2012

Some Learning from Around here over the past couple of weeks...

Thought I would post about some of the learning that has been occuring around here over the past couple of weeks.
We are still {mostly} keeping to our daily and weekly rhythms which are really working well for us.
This involves morning chores, using the Math U See books and some spelling (sometimes it's using a spelling iphone app that the kids love, Stass using her handwriting book, writing letters to people, sending an email or Liji and Ethi using their spelling books that they like).
Once those things are done in the morning, we kick on with our morning rhythm before lunch and our afternoon one after lunch.
Anyway, it's working for us which is good.

So, some stuff in brief...

Used the DK Insect cards to identify this little guy as an Emperor Moth...

Liji built a wooden car with Poppy at his house one day and then brought it home and painted it up...

Stass used the iphone to google a recipe and then followed it from there. She said next time she'd just prefer to send it to the computer and print it off - much easier to read!
The gf cookies tasted delicious!

Zippi did some painting using stencils...

For Crafternoon a week ago (the little ones were both napping at the same time) we took the time to look up Edgar Degas and his work. The kids love that he painted alot of scenes that tried to capture 'natural life' and each had a turn at sketching something of his work. Below is Stassi's interpretation of one of the dancers from Danseuses Vertes (1878). I think hers is beautiful! They filled in the artist note sheet I made up a little while back.

Zeeki boy being his gorgeous delicious self after his shower one morning...

The kids also made some grand lego creations including more monorails, the marina, speed boats, a house and garage, jeeps and heaps more. They always have a story to tell us that goes along with their creation!


Zeeki enjoying his upright bouncer.
At the moment he pretty much only wants me which means that I have to get as much as I can get done while he is napping! If it's not done then, it's pretty much not done.
He's been awake much more at night too which I am honestly finding more tough on my body but am still thankful that up to this point he has been a great night sleeper overall. I mean we have had some rough nights but no where near like we've had with some of the other kiddos.
So I am feeling tired most days but thankful still!

Baked pumpkin, sweet potato and beetroot risotto volcanoes

Zeeki is sitting up for little chunks of time..about 30 seconds unaided!
He lOVES his solids but we've pulled back a bit so he can still feed with his (my!) breastmilk too.
He is SO interactive with others but as I said before wants only me.
He has been waking at about 11pm each night and screaming and won't take the breast of anything. I think it's his teeth but he seems to be getting into a bit of a pattern with it.
He's been in the Ergo quite a bit lately on the side and front positions but isn't as light as he used to be! lol!
He's a really beautiful little bubba and all the big kids STILL fight over who gets to hold him which I love!

Stass has been reading through the Anne of Green Gables series she got from Sull for her birthday.
She's into book 6 now.
She also conducted an ebay search and handed over her cash to purchase her only copy of Little Women. She loved the version with Winona Ryder (sp?) in it and now owns it. She was thrilled with this purchase which was from her birthday money.

Ethi made patterns using the bead set I bought from KMart not long back.

Liji and Zippi snuggling on the lounge :)

Brett cooked the kiddos yummy scrambled eggs for brekky.
The slower paced mornings are still something I love with homeschooling.

Today we had a lovely visit with the Mostyn's!

After not seeing them for a while due to us all being a bit unwell, I FINALLY got to have some more snuggles with little Sophie! Yay! Oh and it was great to see Ben and Jas too!!!! lol ;)

We also had a WONDERFUL time collecting tadpoles at another water hole we like. It was a fantastic morning in the sun and water together. The kids also wrote a poem about our family after being inspired by some poetry reading with them from a book on our shelf. They made some passports for themselves and we've 'travelled' to Mexico and Ethiopia so far. We've also had some nice family walks, games of backyard cricket and have begun assembling + labelling our nature study photo books.

At present, with Brett around, we are having some really fun rhythmical days. In other seasons of our learning at home journey, we don't get through very much in the way of structured time and that's ok too. It's just that the season we are in at the moment has allowed for more structure *i use that term loosely here* and it is working for us.

I have another post to come about the new tools we are using for Zippi in particular and another post with some photos of how the recording of the album is going but they'll have to wait for another day/night.
Bed calls!
Lus :) 
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Melanie B said...

thanks lus so much for sharing your daily routine. It helps so much & is a constant source of encouragement.

Blessings Mel xx

Anonymous said...

sounds like u have been up to alot of stuff!! its inspiring ... especially cos it looks like as of next term Brianna (who is now 7 and in grade 2) will be starting up partial homeschooling! She is at a great local christian school, which she will continue to attend, but I really feel that at this stage in her schooling she could benefit from some home education. She is finding the schoolwork "boring" and the teacher seems reluctant to enrich her learning. So she is going to be spending a few afternoons a week at home with me :) Her brother is loving his class though, and is thriving there, so he wont be being homeschooled.

So starting a new chapter soon :)

Stay well!! hows ur renos going??

Karen Day

Nat said...

Look how grown up both Zeeki and Sophie are looking!! Time flies hey. Love seeing updates on the kids!!


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