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Some learning from around here...

Over the past couple of weeks the boys have gotten out their castle stuff again (after us reading Robin Hood as our family read aloud and then The Three Musketeers which was finished off last week. Now they play fight over who is going to be D'Artagnon and who is going to be Athos and whether or not Stassi should be Milady or Madameoiselle Bonacieux)...

Zippi loves playing with blocks and rods of all kinds at the moment. The cuisenaire rods have had a good work out lately and Liji also has enjoyed making pictures out of them.
Here is the sky with some flowers and vegie beds...

Stass working hard on her Math U See Beta book that she's almost completed.
She asked me to make up a song to help them learn their 12 times tables and they all know them confidently now.
Stass has been working on multiplying two digit numbers by other two digit numbers.

This gorgeous bubba of ours turns 6 months on Monday and has learnt how to grab his feet and shove them in his mouth! He rolled around the floor tonight from one end of the lounge room to the other side while we all just watched with our mouths almost touching the floor! It's all happening too soon! He is LOVING his solids but still loves his milk too. Hoping it stays that way for quite a while yet!

This was my best score of all time from the council chuck-outs...a gorgeous HUGE solid wicker basket with lid for FREE! Now holds blankets for our loungeroom.
Thank you Yah!

Me and Brettski being cheeky...
We enjoyed 2  at home date nights this month :)

Boy Boy loves his rusks; this style and also just big lengths of celery...

I went for some time out on my own one arvo when Zeeki was asleep and Brett was home (of course lol). I wandered into a local toy store and got the kiddos these science cards.
Friday is our 'easy experiements' rhythm and what I love about these cards is that they have simple step by step picture instructions and tell you what is going on in the experiment. Gotta love simple instructions AND simple explanations!

This was one of the first ones the kids chose...

{front of the card}

{back of the card}
Liji makes the monster...

We get the materials ready, make our hypothesis and away we go!
Pouring in the vinegar...

...wrapping the bicarb into tissue paper...

...a squeeze of dishwashing liquid is added...

...a drop or two of green colouring...

...adding  the tissue paper with the bicarb...

...waiting for something to happen....

"I see it! It's making it foam up!!!"

"Oh my goodness I can't believe it!!!!"

"YAAAAAAAAAY!!! It worked!!!!"

"Oh gross Liji touched it!!!" - Stass

Some of the books Stass has read (re-read!) through recently are:
* Little Women
* Anne of the Island
* Anne of Windy Poplars
* Anne's House of Dreams
* a couple of Zac Powers books
* Re-reading The Three Musketeers that we just finished as our family read-aloud
* Brett is now almost finished the next read aloud of Moby Dick to the kids
* Stass has also read some of Job and some Psalms this week

I got this air drying clay kit for the kids too.
Basically it was pretty rubbish as a kit but they still improvised with play dough making gear we already had and made their own shapes too. They were very light once they were dry and pretty much bounced too!

My Brett celebrated another birthday ;)
The kids each chose a pressie for him from KMart (doing lots of consumer maths along the way) and made their own card each for him.
Our birthday morning tradition of singing happy birthday to the person and giving them their presents from our fam...

Later that night Brett's mum and dad and lovely sis joined us for dinner, for going around the table to share what we love about Brett and for cake!
He asked for a cake smothered in melted white chocolate!

Of course the kids did the obligatory 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th blows of the candles!

Brett loved opening his pressies from his parents and sis...

Dannii had very thoughtfully ordered him a matching Texas jersey with his name on the back! Brett's dad is originally from Texas.
Of course this meant the kids HAD to run into their rooms, dive through their drawers, find their jersey's and wear them for the rest of the evening too!

Liji turned his chicken+salad+rice wrap dinner into a super cool robot!

He also made this beautiful wreath using only blue pegs.
Thinking we might do something like this for crafernoon.
I might buy a couple of packs of plastic coloured pegs and stick down their creations onto some mdf board.

Stass used birthday money to purchase ("finally!" in her words) the Lego Marina set that she's had her eye on for some time. She was so stoked!

Once finished she popped it on the display shelf with some of her other creations...

We bought the 3 older kids their own (second hand) ipod shuffle. They went through our playlists with Brett and chose the songs they would like on them. Toby Mac, Casting Crowns, Teshuva, (Math U See Times table songs for Ethi!!!!???) Zemer levav, Mason Clover all got picked. They really loved being able to have the choice about what went onto their very own playlist! We'll be using these to help them regulate at differnt times when things get a little full on for them (in the car when Zeeki is crying or after lunch when they have quiet times etc...)

I came across these bead boards in KMart recently.
I loved these when I was a kid and thought it might come in handy as a little play stimulus for Zippi.

She (and the bigger kids!) loves it!

This week we'll crack into putting together this solar kit.
Makes 6 different configurations cost $8!

And this kit looks like a winner too!
It's all about setting up electrical currents and things which are big kids are TOTALLY into at the mo.
Again, loved the great booklet that has excellent illustrations to explain things step by step plus no soldering required so HUGE bonus there!

Zippi has been requesting rice play too.
Rice + tin containers + various size cups + spoons = lots of fun pouring and posting for our almost Miss 3 year old!!!

Other stuff I want to note down to remember about their learning:

* Stass is about half way through her cursive handwriting book

* Liji has a new aid to help with spelling. Not sure how much it is helping thus far but he is wanting to use it so that's good!
* Spelling City + ABC Reading Eggs are still favourites around here along with Poptropica and Lego City!

* We are still moving through Story of the World and have been visiting Greece and Crete.

* The kids asked if we could make our own passports this week which we did. Talked about where they would like to go to visit and they said Mexico. They set up the lounge room so that it was a pretend aeroplane. Liji was the steward who stamped our passports and showed us to our seats. We used the Leap Frog Interactive Globe thingy that we have to learn a little more about Mexico. Stass also looked up what the national flag looked like using the index of the book and her alphabetical ordering skills. Using a link I found online to a free lapbook we cut out a couple of pages based on Mexico; the flag, Mexican foods and some basic fun facts about it too. They LOVED this so much!

* Speaking of the interactive globe, I still can't beat Stass' record for touching the continents and oceans in 45 seconds....she can do 20! My highest is 18. lol Go chook!

* Liji has been learning to borrow and regroup in his blue maths book and likes the challenge (some days!) of this.

* I read through readers from when I was a kid (thanks Toni!)  to the kiddos about Granny Smith apples and another called Last Monday which was ALWAYS my favourite!

* We baked pear muffins together (well I pretty much just supervised while Stass read aloud the recipe and the kids kind of delegated jobs among themselves).

* Ethi powered his way through about 3 different Zac Powers books this week. He's really enjoying reading now which is SO lovely to witness!

* We read through some books on sound vibrations after a couple of hands on activities including making tin can telephones and a chiming fork experiment too.

* I made up a song about sound vibrations and they LOVED it! Even Zippi has been singing it along with the big kids. Our kids love learning stuff through music!

* We culled toys together and re-labelled toy boxes

* Ethi looks like he is developing into a bit of a drummer so we got out the practice pad from the garage and will get him some sticks this week to have a hit on.

* Stass watched Anne of Green Gables the movie and some Little House

* They all enjoyed watching 'Little Joe' (a Vegie Tales one they had requested I see if I could pleeeeeease borrow from the video store.) They love watching the behind the scenes stuff of how to draw things and how animations are made.

Well, that's about it for now.
They are really learning lots all the time.
I love that :)
Makes my heart happy to see and I need to remind myself of that on the really hard days.

More another time,
Lus x

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