Saturday, March 3, 2012

What's to like about Sabbath?

Our day of rest.
Set apart at the beginning of creation by our Maker as a day for us to restore, reflect and rest.
I see it as a precious gift!
I haven't always seen it this way.
Once upon a time I spoke against it as a 'burden' and a 'yoke'.
Yet since setting this day apart for our family we have experienced great delight and peace far from the heaviness that I thought must accompany Sabbath resting!

Over lunch today our family talked about what we have enjoyed about our Sabbaths over the past couple of years.
Thought I'd share what I like about Sabbath...

Hanging out as a family around our big wooden table... playing lego together {not always without fighting of course but they try to!}

...hanging out by water with fishing/tadpole nets at some of our fave local spots...

...sometimes we get together with friends or extended family...

...we really enjoying going to a local park...

...or going bushwalking...

...and observing Yah's handiwork around us...

A couple of Sabbaths have been spent in the country with mates...

...or scootering {c'mon you so know that is a word lol!} around...

It's the only day of the week that I plan to have two hot meals.
Either one or two of them are slow cooker meals.
I just love doing a couple of special things on Shabbat that we don't get to do any other day of the week.
This seems small to others but our fam love this!
Today we had homemade nachos for lunch (off the low salicylate diet too for that one so EVERYONE LOVES it even more! lol) and for dinner it was a slow cooked soup called 'Autumn Bounty' with cheesy grilled french bread stick slices.

{This is a slow cooked herbed barley risotto}

It only happened a couple of times last year but it was lovely when we did it....we opened our home and had quite a few families come and hang out, chatting over shared meals, looking at the Word and discussing parts of it in a very unstructured fashion and maybe singing a little too...

It didn't happen often but I enjoyed it when it did...

But most weeks we are just us gathered around our table eating, chatting, reading and praying together...

Some sabbath shots from a while ago...

On our morning tea rhythm for Shabbat we usually have scones (or muffins) depending on if we are the low salicylate diet or not still!

Because we have nothing to specifically go to, we have a little extra time for hugs...

...or block play...

...for indoor picnics watching a movie....

...for playing 'tap tap'...

...or 'monopoly' or some other board game...
After lunch we usually sit in the lounge room and enjoy listening to some our of Audio Bible cd.
The word Torah just means instruction.
The Torah is generally refered to as the first 5 books of the Bible where Yah gave His people (regardless of whether they were 'native-born or grafted-in') instructions for healthy living.
We work through the Torah Portion (just a guide of scripture readings) in a year (plus we continue to read through the rest of the 'old testament' and the new testament too!)
We enjoy listening to the portion each week and then thinking on it and discussing it together throughout the next week.
Sometimes, because we are a real family, our day does not go to plan!
Sometimes, we sleep in the arvo or there are too many meltdowns and so we skip something!
Sometimes we just jump in the car and drive but don't really have a grand plan of where we are going!

Sometimes, the pressures of the week that was are so great that we just need that day to put it all behind us and rest. We need to actually STOP and refresh ourselves.
Like take this week for instance.
We were told this week that our car that we have had run faithfully for 6 years now, was a write-off due to the hail damage from the storms recently. We have a couple of days left with it in our possession then it will be handed over and dealt with by our insurance company. Now I know it's just a car but we've had HEAPS of great times in it and we have been very thankful it has lasted us this long.
There is also a complication with the insurance so it looks like we will be without a car for quite a while.
It will be fine but it's just one of those unexpected things, you know? And one that we really can't do much about.

This week we also saw a huge increase in escalation in Zippi's 'symptoms' and Liji's too which was incredibly draining.

I had to organise 12 blood/urine referrals for gut investigations.

I am at the end of Day 4 of keeping Food Diaries for 6 people; tracking every single thing that goes into everyone's mouths, what their stools are like and how food affects them in several different areas including tracking moods, emotional and physiological changes, etc.

I attended play group with Zippi, spent alot of time on the phone booking in Occupational Therapist appointments + explaining our situation along with speaking to a couple of people to try and find a good speech therapist (which we have found thankfully!) and managed to get in to see another therapist that we are all seeing at the moment.

The town we just bought in has had road closures and official evacuation orders for some parts but our place is NOT in any danger so that is a huge relief! Praise Yah! The place we are ordering the steel from though looks like is under water so our order may be now held back a little (understandably so!!) Again...things out of our control.

I had to take Stass (reluctantly) to the dr since the cough she had just wouldn't clear.
We also had to get her tested for whooping cough (results back show she does not/has not had it).
And on top of that is just the run of the mill every day stuff of breastfeeding, settling bubby, homeschooling, cooking, cleaning, returning phonecalls, etc. Now don't get me wrong...I'm not sooking about it! I know there are plenty of people out there that have it ALOT worse than we do. But it is all relative and at the moment, this is our reality! And He who is faithful to complete the good work which He began in us....Will do it!
So can you see why I LOVE my Sabbath rest?
"Come to me all you who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.
" - Yeshua Matthew 11:28

Ooops baby is awake so I need to jet now.
More another time &
much love,
Lus x

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