Saturday, December 31, 2011

Seeing Anth...

I am blessed to have a handful of very close girl friends with whom I have shared many of life's ups and downs. 
One of these friends is Anthea.
Anth and I went to college together.
I remember meeting her one night at our college orientation camp. I thought she was incredibly quiet and years later she told me she thought I must have been a bit of a show-off!
Never in my wildest dreams did I think that thirteen years later, we'd be such great friends.
Anth is one of those friends that gave me something special to mark the beginning of a pregnancy...(a special phone call or message; for Stass she gave me gorgeous gloves that had a little character on each finger).
She celebrated our house moves by giving me a little pot plant and card.
 She came to help me and cleaned my dishes after Ethi was born and I was struggling with him as a crying-reflux-infant and two other little munchkins running around. I remember her getting wipes, cleaning Liji's hands, helping him out of the high chair and reading Stassi stories while I tried to settle baby Ethan. She was such an amazing help.
She would bring fruit boxes or baked goods or home-made minestrone soup when she visited and knew I'd enjoy that kind of spoiling!
Anth is the kind of thoughtful friend who would go to a country town and being winter and thinking of my kids, would purchase them all hand-knitted woolen beanies in different colours.
She has remembered their birthdays over the years with cards and messages along with various beautiful books.
For one my own birthdays, she gave me the most gorgeous large print edition of Van Gogh's works. She bought me Van Gogh coasters too once and a hand-made doiley when she visited Europe; the doiley was from Italy wasn't it Anth?
 She is the kind of friend you have that holds your hand and prays with you when the chips are down and praises God with you when things go well.
Anth is the kind of person you can absolutely be yourself around and not have to worry about saying something and have her judge you wrongly.
She loves me as I am.
And I her.
I remember sleeping over in her room once before she was married and she happily told me there were only 100 days to go until she was to get married! That was now over 10 years ago.
(Ahhh Sumi and Anth...the broom closet days hey!)
We've dreamed about all the fun activities we might do one day if we get to meet up in Paris under the Eiffel Tower.
When I lost a friendship some years back, she was there to encourage me and made sure I was ok. She is a great listener too - I remember us enjoying many hot cuppas together at various cafes around here and sharing our hearts.
I wrote a song for her wedding and have celebrated with her during many happy times.

I've also grieved alongside her when things have gone sour too. Hard times we've been through together.
I love her family as if they were my own and I have missed her SO much since she went to live in Wales, 4 years ago.
So you can imagine that when we do get to see each other, the time is very precious to me!

It's been 18 months since she last visited Australia and I had my catch-up day with her and her lovely Andrew this week.
The time went way too fast but every second was wonderful.

Her very first look at Ezekiel...

Zeeki cuddling Uncle Andrew...

and Aunty Anth...

Ethi playing chess with Uncle Andrew...

Liji took Anth outside and asked if he could show her how he could burn a hole in a leaf using the magnifying glass...

We all pose together for a photo
{didn't notice till after that Liji's tongue is sticking out and poor bubba Z wasn't impressed! lol!}

The kiddos with Aunty Anth and Uncle Andrew...

I just had to include this one because I love that Liji and Andrew are making the same face together! So cute!!!!

Anth asked if she could make a macaroni necklace when Zip wanted to make one...

...she plays the Charlie and Lola magnets with Stass while they talk about Jane Austen...

...and she listens to Ethi chat away and tell jokes while he is wiping up the dishes!

Anth and Andrew...

Stass has always loved Anth.
This is a very special photo to me...

Saying goodbye is hard in many ways.
But when you pick up where you left off like we do, even if I don't get to see Anth for another couple of years, it will still feel as if it was only yesterday that we saw each other last...
Love you mate.
Miss you already.


kathy said...

What a beautiful friendship! So blessed to have special friends :)

lusi said...

Hi Kathy!
So true!!! Very blessed :-)
Hope 2012 is a fabulous year for you and your family!
Love Lus x

Nat said...

Just beautiful!! I hope you get to see her a little more often!! I wonder what new additions there will be when you next see Anth?

caz1975 said...

I so understand those special times that just pick up where you left off and then have to say goodbye again. My bestie lives overseas too. So glad you got to enjoy some special time!!! Happy new year to you and your family :-)

Anonymous said...

It shows from your photos that the friendship you have with Anth is a very special bond. Your words brought tears to my eyes. You are very blessed. Thanks for sharing your blog post Lusi.

Nadia xx

Sumara said...

Oh gosh it's so good to see Anth and Andrew! Anth is so beautiful! Love love love. :)

Leah-in-the-Kia said...

I know exactly how you feel! My bestie since kindergarten has just moved back to australia after marrying an irishman and living in scotland for years, it is sooo lovely to have her back in our small country town, growing up we lived 2 houses away, she will be living in sydney , but is sorting out jobs while she is staying with her family here. I love having jen close by and even more so with her little man Finn 21 months and her lovely hubby. I feel blessed to have jen back in my daily life after going years at a time not seeing her in person! Thank goodness for Skype!

lusi said...

Thanks everyone for the new year wishes...same to you and your families!
Leah and Carolyn, thanx for sharing your stories with me about your friends. Leah, I'm glad you are able to spend time with Jen at the moment! And yes thank goodness for Skype; it helps me connect with lots of our friends.

Much love x


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