Thursday, December 29, 2011

Let the Renovations Begin!


Brett and his sis hired a mammoth trailer yesterday  two days ago (by the time I get to hit publish on this post lol!) and went out to our new house bright and early with our wooden vegie beds and hothouse on the back! As it's about 3 hours away, they wanted to go and deliver them but also make the most of the trip so they decided to smash some stuff up begin the renovations while they were out there!
They worked so hard for 6 straight hours before turning around and heading home again in time for tea - they are champions in my book! Thanks so much Dannii for all your help!!!

Unfortunately, after peeling back the wooden panelling, Brett found ALOT of evidence of white ants which had been hidden for the building inspection report. He didn't see any live one which is good but plenty of evidence that they've been there!
However, it's really kind of a blessing that we found them now. It means that we can deal with replacing some of the wood and batts now rather than down the track when it may have weakened the structure.

Anyway, I guess that's my first progress report!
Thanks for all the lovely comments about our house and the offers of help!
We are very excited about this new journey :)

I have more to share another time!
This week has been very full with me:

* being present for my dear friend Jas' labour which was an amazing experience
* catching up for the first time in 18 months with my best friend Anth who was visiting from Wales
 * listening to one of the songs from our album that is almost 100% complete (get ready for an early release single sometime in the not so distance future!!!), purely thanks to all the work that Heiko and Lori have done this week - love you guys!
  * also having one of my sisters meet Zeeki for the very first time!

A HUGE week!

Anyway, once I catch my breath, I'll post some more stuff down the track.

More to come another time.
Much love and blessings,


Nat said...

Woohoo!! A wonderful start, I'm so looking forward to watching it come alive!

singing mama said...

Wow Lusi, what a week!!! Some amazing and beautiful moments. I'm so glad you got to see your Anth and catch up with her. How beautiful to be present at Jas labour!! and wow how exciting that renovations have started woohoo!
luv Donna

Mommy Set Free said...

I love renovating! I can't wait to watch how things unfold! Likewise, I am looking forward to hearing the song too!!

Enid said...

whooho how exciting I love renovations too!! So glad your sis got to meet little one :)

rockmelon said...

so excited to see your family getting blessed. Looking forward to seeing the house have a face lift! xx

lusi said...

Thanks so much everyone! We are really excited about the renovations too. I really appreciated all of your kind words.
Much love,
Lus x


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