Saturday, December 31, 2011

Aunty Dee's First Cuddles with Zeeki, going to Sydney and Happy New Year!

 My younger sisters are twins and are only 20 months younger than me.
Needless to say that we grew up being very close.
We fought hard but we loved lots too!
Both my sisters have lived interstate now for over 10 years.
While I miss them terribly, I know that they are happy where they are and it honestly does make me appreciate the time we have together much more whenever we get it.
Dee last came to Sydney when Zeeki was about 6 weeks old but unfortunately, she was sick and neither of us wanted to risk him (or any of us) picking up something. She was very understanding but of course I really wanted her to meet Ezekiel!
She and her lovely man of may years, Kit, came to Sydney this week for a few days to play at one of Kit's cousin's wedding. Both Dee and Kit are amazing accomplished musicians who write, record and perform for their living.
Anyway, the only time that we could get to see them was before they boarded their plane of Friday.
They came 2 hours early and met us at a park. We travelled about 2 and a bit hours to get there and it was so worth it!

Here I am with Dee...

Her first snuggles with Zeeki the boy boy...

All the kiddos were VERY excited to see Dee again (it's been a year since they saw her last)...

Hugs...just because we :)

More snuggly time for Aunty Dee and cheeky Zeeki...

...and lovely soft first kisses too :)

The big kids loved playing on the park equipment.
Some of it is in shade so we could watch the kids comfortably.
It is close to the airport and has been a great waiting/meeting spot for us over the years because the kids can play but you don't have to pay through anything for parking.
A real blessing!

Did I mention the BIG kid loved the park equipment too?! lol!

We all enjoyed catching up with Kit and his lovely parents too...

We said goodbye so that they could go off to the airport and board their plane.

It was SO great to see you guys!
We love you very much x

Since it might be the last time for a while before we get down to Sydney, we decided to make the most of it.
Next stop...the new Ikea in Tempe!

It is HUGE!
While we didn't want to buy anything that day, I did want to have a look at some of the wardrobes and do a bit of a touch and feel of them to see how sturdy they were, etc.
It was JAM PACKED but we still had a decent walk through to that section and checked out the robes. I have some ideas now of what we want for the girls' bedrooms and our bedroom too.

We also took the opportunity to go by our favourite curry house one last time.
Seriously, the staff there LOVE our kids. As soon as they saw us, the young girl who normally serves us came out from behind the counter to give Zippi a giant cuddle. So sweet!

Mmmmmm chicken curry!
I haven't photographed it yet but I also got some letters from TYPO (my most fave shop in the whole world i think!) for a phunky pheature (ahem) wall in our new home. Can't wait to create it and show you!

Well, the new calendar year has begun once again.
So Happy New Year to you and yours!
I'm so thankful for all that has happened this year; Zeeki's homebirth, resotration of friendships, purchasing our first home, recording an album, our 3rd year of homeschooling and many other adventures. There have been tough times too. But Yah has and continues to bring us through them all and I FOREVER remain thankful to and in awe of Him!

Much love,


Nat said...

So lovely that you got to see Dee again!!
Happy New Year my darling. I wonder what 2012 will bring our way!!

Enid said...

ohh so fun, so glad she got to meet little one...!!

Leah-in-the-Kia said...

What a great couple of days you have had! i am jealous!!!!!


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